Endless Space Runner Lands in the App Store on May 30th

Rocklien Run, and indie game developers in Melbourne, Australia will be hitting the App Store on the 30th of May 2017! The game is a beautiful free-to-play fast paced, cartoony 3d spaced theme runner. Super fun and easy to learn, but punishing and hard to master. It features a wide range of fun unlockable and upgradable ships, collectable weapon powerups and blastable combos, and cute cool and crazy enemies! Pre-release access is available directly from the developer.


Rocklien Run features:
* A wide range of fun unlockable and upgradable ships
* Collectable weapon powerups and blast-able combos
* Fast paced space themed endless game play
* Cute, cool, and crazy enemies
* iMessage stickers
* Fun filled times ahead

Rocklien Run
YouTube Video (Trailer)

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