Find Your Voice Memos With AudioFile for iOS 1.0

Independent developer Stephen Morris has released AudioFile – Voice Memo Notes 1.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, his intuitive, easy-to-use audio recorder that features tags, notes, and more to help you find your voice memos and use them later.


Find Your Voice Memos With AudioFile for iOS 1.0


AudioFile provides a number of ways for users to organize and augment their voice memos. In addition to a title, recordings have notes that can include both text and photos. Tags serve as attributes that help to identify a recording’s contents and surface it later on when searching. Projects allow users to group recordings that pertain to the same work. Users can also mark their favorite recordings, so that they can quickly browse only the most promising ones.


“I’m a (very amateur) musician, so I occasionally come up with a melody or chord progression that I want to remember,” said Morris. “I’d usually record it with the stock Voice Memos app, but too often it would just become New Recording 47, get buried in the app, and I’d forget about it. AudioFile was my attempt to solve that problem.”


Recording is as easy as the tap of a button. Users can import audio from other apps into AudioFile, and share their recordings through Messages, Mail, and more.


Whether you’re a musician, journalist, student, or just like to use voice memos, AudioFile can help you keep things organized, take informative notes, and make better use of your audio recordings.


Feature highlights:

  • Quickly record voice memos
  • Add notes with text and photos
  • Tag for quick discovery
  • Group by project
  • Mark your favorites


AudioFile – Voice Memo Notes 1.0 is just $0.99 and is available through the App Store. [GET IT HERE]

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