Simplify the Movement of Data on Your Mac With Enact

Mac-Chi has released Enact 1.0.7, their new productivity app for macOS computers. The app offers Mac users the ability to edit, print, and share information from their computer’s clipboard or keyboard via a large number of methods.


Simplify the Movement of Data on Your Mac With Enact


In addition, users can share posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, save the information as a new note, an addition to an existing note, or print the information directly to their printer. The app also offers the ability to jump to any open tab in the Safari with a click of the mouse in the Mac’s Menu bar or Dock.


Users can quickly create a text file, post text directly to popular social networks, or share the data via AirDrop with other Mac or iOS device users. Clipboard contents can also be shared in a variety of file formats including plain text, rich text or PDF formats.


Enact is designed to grow in the future, using an “dataSource -> embedded capabilities -> dataTarget,” API model. The developer says new capabilities will be added to the app in the near future, encouraging users to subscribe for 3 months to see for themselves how the app will be improved.


Current Features Include:
* Highly Customizable User Interface
* Custom formatting of information before sharing
* Change font, font style, and font size of datasource
* Provides a sentence and paragraph listing for any text
* Share from Enact to popular social networks, including Facebook and Twitter
* Share with other Mac and iOS users via AirDrop
* Print formatted information
* Save and share info in popular file formats, including .txt, .rtf, and .pdf
* Jump directly to any open Safari tab from the Mac Menu Bar or Dock
* Use information from any selected Safari tab
* Drag text onto the Exact Dock icon to customize before dispatching
* Save directly to a new or existing note in the Apple Notes app
* Create a reminder in the Reminders app
* Send text as an SMS message in the Mac Messages app
* Compose an email from your datasource to send in the Mail app
* Have your Mac read aloud highlighted text from the app
* New dataSources for Spotlight and Google Chrome on the way


“We’re not offering a normal short trial period. As we get started, I know a few days is not enough to understand what Enact has to offer. This is what’s behind our $0.99 3-month ‘get to know us’ offer,” continues Steve. “Buyers can benefit from Enact right now, but they’ll also get to discover how the app will expand over the next few months. Enact was designed from the ground up to plug in new stuff; Chrome and Spotlight are up first. A subscription really fits our engineering/product rollout at least for the next 6-8 quarters, but know we’ve got a subscription-less, snap-on version of Enact that will begin to make more sense as a product later this year.”


Three in-app purchases are available:
* Use – 3 months of Premium – $0.99 USD “pay-as-you-use”
* Subscribe – Auto-renewing 3 months subscription – $0.99 USD
* Buy – Premium – $12.99 USD A one time cost. No upgrade fees or subscription fees – ever


Enact 1.0.7 is free to download and is available through the Mac App Store. [GET IT HERE]

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