Apple TV 2.0 Update for Mac CRM Small Business Platform

Gro Software today announced a major update to their Gro CRM Apple TV app. Gro CRM is the remarkably easy to use and intelligent Mac CRM software platform for small business contact management, customer relationship management and enterprise resource management made exclusively for Apple users and their devices. The Gro CRM 2.0 update for Apple TV includes a new look and updates for tvOS11.


Apple TV 2.0 Update for Mac CRM Small Business Platform


Some of the key features include:

* New look
* Updated for Gro CRM 2.0 Platform
* Apple tvOS 11 support
* Streaming history
* In/out employee tracking
* Year-to-year revenue
* Monthly lead, deal and sales goals
* Monitor overall small business stats minute by minute


The Gro CRM Status Board with in/out tracking and metrics for small business gets even more intelligent with tvOS 11. The Gro CRM Apple TV update focuses on user experience while increasing productivity for our customers.


Pricing and Availability
Gro CRM 2.0.1 for AppleTV is available as a free download through the Apple App Store. and on the Gro CRM website. The download is free but requires a monthly or annual subscription. Solo subscriptions are available for 14.99 USD/seat/month, Basic subscriptions are available for 24.99 USD/seat/month and Pro subscriptions are available for 49.99 USD/seat/month. A 14-day free trial is available on the Gro CRM website.

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