HOLA! Adds USA Edition to Magzter

Spain’s prestigious magazine brand, HOLA!, brings its USA edition to Magzter, the world’s largest digital magazine newsstand. With this partnership, HOLA! USA, the global brand leader for exclusive fashion, beauty and style content through the lens of celebrities and royals, is all set to reach 36.5+ million users on Magzter.


HOLA! USA offers exclusive access to global celebrities, with a top-notch approach that is always ahead of trend. With an irresistible twist of fashion and lifestyle, the magazine delivers aspirational and intimate stories of the personalities the reader cares about. It is worth mentioning that Magzter has been already digitally publishing HOLA! magazine from Spain and Mexico, and HELLO! magazine from the UK, India, Turkey, Georgia and Thailand.


“HOLA! USA is pleased to partner with Magzter to offer our version of this world-renowned brand to the 36.5 million Magzter subscribers. With 33 editions in 120 countries, HOLA! is well-recognized and Magzter’s global presence will enable us to further expand our digital audience and interactive footprint.” – Jay Annis, Vice President, Business Manager, HOLA! USA


“With the arrival of HOLA! USA, Magzter’s celebrity catalogue has further strengthened. We firmly believe that the existing readers of HOLA! USA will enjoy reading it on our world-class digital platform, and this iconic title will also break geographical barriers and find new audiences. Here’s wishing HOLA! USA to taste great digital success on Magzter!” – Girish Ramdas, CEO, Magzter Inc.


“HOLA! has been one of the best-selling celebrity titles on Magzter and we are delighted to add its USA edition to our catalogue. With its authoritative fashion columns and exclusive coverage of celebrities, HOLA! USA is expected to become a best-seller right away on Magzter, just like other editions of HOLA!” – Vijay Radhakrishnan, President, Magzter Inc.


Pricing and Availability:
Magzter – Digital Magazine Newsstand 7.0 is free (with in-app purchases) and available worldwide through the App Store in the News category. A bi-monthly magazine, HOLA! USA is published in English and Spanish languages, and it is priced at $19.99 (USD) for an annual subscription on Magzter. The Magzter app is also available on the web, Google Play and is expanding to more platforms soon. Magzter’s easy purchase and renewal systems ensure subscriptions are paid on time, eliminating the need for paper checks and postal mail issues. Users can buy their magazines on any of the above devices/platforms and seamlessly port their purchases to any other devices, a feature unique to Magzter.

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