Seeker for School Emergencies v1.4.0 Now Available

Good School Tools announced today that Seeker for School Emergencies v1.4.0 is now available in the App Store for free. Seeker for School Emergencies is designed to help in emergency/lockdown situations (just like those that occurred recently in California, Florida, Texas & Kentucky) and which continue to occur around the country.


Seeker for School Emergencies helps the school administration in lockdowns by enabling each teacher to update the status of the students in their class immediately. The school administration provides a roster containing eight student parameters to each teacher’s iPhone or iPad. The teacher can then quickly mark students in their class as Absent, Found or Released during a lockdown. That information is emailed or shared over wireless network to the administrator’s device. The admin can easily accept the student information from each teacher and get a consolidated view of all students in the school within minutes. All without anyone leaving the classroom or office.


Seeker for School Emergencies is also helpful in situations like the Texas evacuation where students were loaded onto buses after a shooting and moved to another school. Seeker for School Emergencies allows several administrators to quickly change the status of each student from Unknown to Found, Absent and/or Released as they exit the bus. Each administrator can then share the status with one another to create a consolidated list of students’ status.


The status data is moved using AirDrop and can function over the iPhone’s Bluetooth connections. There is no need for WiFi or cellular service. The student status data is generated as a report to be shared with emergency responders and to help respond to concerned parents and guardians.


Good School Tools has provided Seeker’s emergency handling service as part of our GSTools app to LAUSD schools for nearly a decade. We are simplifying the input of the student roster and streamlining pricing so that others may benefit from this extraordinary tool. A short list of 8 student identifiers may be entered via the app or imported from a csv file created by Excel or Numbers or output from your existing SIS.


Those eight identifiers include:

* Student ID
* First Name
* Last Name
* Grade
* Gender
* Email
* Phone


This short list of identifiers is designed to allow for identification and release of students in emergency situations. It is also designed to be easy to enter so that each classroom can add missing/new students to the list. The apps will also synchronize data so that the entire school is up to date.


Seeker for School Emergencies information is kept on your phone just like in GSTools so you can access your critical information even when wireless networks are down; a likely emergency situation. You may enter a PIN number so that only you know how to access the student information.


Pricing and Availability:
Seeker for School Emergencies 1.4.0 is Free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. [GET IT HERE]

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