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Twocanoes Software Releases Certificate Request for macOS

Twocanoes Software is pleased to announce the release of Certificate Request, an innovative and powerful utility for the Mac that is used to request and install digital X.509 certificates directly from Active Directory. This utility automatically discovers all the required information from Active Directory. Once authenticated, requesting a digital certificate is a simple as clicking a single button.


Twocanoes Software Releases Certificate Request for macOS


The digital certificate can be used for configuring wireless, Mail, VPN, or many other services on macOS that require certificates issued by Active Directory:


* Native Requests: Certificate Request doesn’t require any changes to Active Directory. Certificate requests are sent over standard Windows protocols (DCE/RPC).

* Active Directory binding not required: Certificate Request uses Kerberos to authenticate with Active Directory and doesn’t require the Mac to be bound to Active Directory. If the Mac is bound, Certificate Request can use the existing kerberos credentials from login to request a certificate.

* Smart: Certificate Request automatically discovers all of the Active Directory information that is required, including the name of the Active Directory Certificate Authority server, the Certificate Authority name, and all available certificate templates. Certificate Request even downloads the Active Directory Root Certificate automatically and makes it easy to configure the Mac to trust it.

* Keychain or YubiKey: Certificate Request installs digital certificates directly to the standard macOS keychain or YubiKey hardware encryption device. The private key never leaves the keychain or the yubikey, so it is secure.

* Advanced Authentication: Certificate Request automatically detects if a login has already occurred and if credentials available. If there are multiple credentials available, Certificate Request gives the option to select the appropriate one. Certificate Request can also purge all credentials, and certificates use SHA512 hashing and 2048 bit RSA keys.

* Multiple Template Support: Since digital certificates can be used in many different services, Active Directory bundles the settings into Templates. Certificate Request shows all available templates on the Active Directory server and makes it easy to select the appropriate one for the service you require (i.e. VPN, Mail, Wi-Fi, etc).

* Simple, Yet Powerful: When Certificate Request is first launched, all the necessary Active Directory information needed to request a user certificate is automatically populated. Certificate Request is simple and easy to use with your existing Active Directory infrastructure without making any changes.

* Intensely Integrated: Certificate Request doesn’t require a proxy or web services to work with your existing Active Directory network. DCE/RPC, a protocol that Windows Servers understand natively, is used to send all certificate requests.

* At Your Service: Configure any services that require digital certificates easily. Certificate Request stores the digital certificate in the secure keychain on macOS, or in a YubiKey hardware device, so services such as VPN, Mail, 802.1X (wireless) and more can easily access them.

* Automate: The Certificate Request command line tool allows administrators to automate certificate requests to Active Directory and installation into the keychain on macOS. The command line tool uses the user’s kerberos credentials so that certificate generation can happen seamlessly.


Technical Specs:
* Generates X.509 Digital Certificates
* SHA512 Hash
* RSA 2048 bit keys
* Kerberos Authentication


System Requirements:
* macOS 10.12 or Later
* Active Directory user credentials for a kerberos ticket, or a Mac bound to Active Directory


Windows Server:
* Active Directory (Windows Server 2003 or later)
* Standard Network Ports for LDAP, RPC and Kerberos


* YubiKey 4 Series Security Keys in PIV mode
* Management Key
* Available Slot for digital identity


Pricing and Availability:
Certificate Request can be purchased online today for $29.99 for a single user, and $299.99 (USD) for 30 users. A free 14 day trial is available on the product webpage. Premium Support and upgrade maintenance for 1 year is included with multi-licensed versions of Certificate Request. For organizations that require additional licenses, educational pricing, or payment by purchase order, please visit Twocanoes Software online.

Think2Write Helps Students Write Better, Well-Structured Essays

Niles Technology Group has released Think2Write, the new and improved version of the essay writing apps Essay Czar, Essay Writing Workstation and Essay Writing Wizard that sold successfully in the Apple App Store for 8 years, from 2009-16. Used in over 400 schools by teachers and personally bought by high school and college students, the apps were listed multiple times as top language arts apps and featured several times in the App Store and other education publications.


Think2Write is bigger and better and delivers a lot more:

* Think2Write is an iBook with the same excellent content from the essay writing apps that has been updated and re-formatted. The new iBook format provides much more versatility where it can be used. Switching from preparing an essay on your mobile device to writing an essay on your Mac with the same instructional content is now a breeze.

* Think2Write is your source for one-on-one writing assistance for students, who want help fully understanding writing assignments and in developing logical, well-structured outlines.

* Think2Write is a platform on which, with one click of a button, a civic-minded citizen or company can sponsor a middle school class, high school class, or sports team where each student receives our one-on-one writing assistance and essay writing guide.

* Think2Write is an engagement platform that delivers a monthly essay writing instructional digest to keep students learning critical thinking skills, as these skills pertain directly to essay writing.


With the switch to Think2Write in the iBook format, students now have the identical instructional content with the same look and feel on mobile devices, desktop computers and laptops. Students can also seamlessly write essays with the iBook open side-by-side on the same Mac as their main word processor, which is something they could not do with the mobile-only app,” explained Michael Niles, President of Niles Technology Group. “Our mobile apps put us on the essay writing map for iPad and iPhone, but we realized the apps simply were not enough; we needed to work and look the same on Macs as well. Therefore, we solved the issue with a new approach and business model that deserved a new name, Think2Write.”


The iBook is also the gateway to a community dedicated to the teaching of essay writing from a critical thinking perspective. It became clear, based on interaction with users, that the aforementioned essay writing apps were developing a fledging community of teachers and parents who desired a critical thinking approach to writing for their students and children. It was amazing how many asked for more writing assistance on an ongoing basis.


This community aspect led us to create and develop a Think2Write Patreon portal, continues Mr. Niles. Combined with the iBook, this community builder allows us to offer more. Users can now easily decide which other essay writing services best fit them for what length of time; a very student-friendly, family-friendly, budget-friendly approach.


To herald the start of this new community, Think2Write’s first 200 patrons on Patreon will receive one of the following upgrades: you will either be automatically upgraded and receive the benefits of the next level up in rewards or, if you are a sponsor of students, the number of sponsorships will be automatically doubled. These upgrades will remain in place for as long as you are a patron.


Think2Write is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step method to teach students the logical and critical steps necessary to consistently write well-reasoned, informative essays.


Pricing and Availability:
Think2Write (v1.4) is $4.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Writing category. We invite you to learn more about us at Think2Write online. [GET IT HERE]

Mellel 4.1 Debuts DOCX Support, Tracking, Word Spacing, and More

Mellel, a developer of word processing technology for professional and long-form writers, is announcing the release of Mellel 4.1. Now available to Mac and iPad users, Mellel 4.1 is on the heals of the very successful release of 4.0, and offers several new features and a long list of enhancements that give writers, editors, academics, and authors a better avenue to write and manage long and oftentimes complex content such as books and academic research.


Mellel 4.1 is now able to smoothly import native MS Word DOCX, addressing one of the main requests of the company’s more than 100,000 customers who rely on Mellel with a cultish fervor.


“We’ve been getting this request for quite some time, especially after the release of 4.0 last August,” says Ori Redler, one of the two-person creators of the software in 2002. He is also an editor and published author. “What makes Mellel better than others is that so much of it’s features are developed by people who work with words for a living. Of course, I have a solid idea of what professionals in the word industry need, but honestly, so much of our innovation is guided by the needs and requests of our customers.”


The newest version of Mellel has features that give writers and editors enhanced control and flexibility of their document:
* DOCX Import: Mellel can now smoothly import MS Word DOCX documents.
* Character tracking: Users can now set letter-spacing easily.
* Minimum Word Spacing: This new feature gives an easy way to squeeze and maximize spacing, thus improving significantly text layout.
* Outline: Users can now change the color of items in the outline, can truncate outline items so they do not wrap, and a host of other improvements.
* Auto-indent: You can now set the indent for continuing paragraphs within the Auto-title setup, allowing you to set auto-indent much faster and with much less clutter.
* Story Feature: Writers can now create or draw story points on a line of their own. This makes the points more apparent when displayed, and unobtrusive when hidden.
* Auto-title palette: The palette now shows the flow level of selected auto-titles in the text or in the outline with a checkmark. This helps writers keep a birds-eye view of their structure as they create.


With its latest release, Mellel continues to give writers a full-suite of options unseen in other word processors.


It is the first and only word processor to support headings as an object, allowing limitation-free design of titles and headings. Mellel is also the only word processor to offer multiple streams of footnotes and endnotes, professional level index support, the best and most advanced outline, live bibliography, live-upda cross references, an innovative Story pane, and much more.


You can learn more about Mellel through its new demo and tutorial center, Mellel U. It features over 70 videos on an array of topics that allow users to master the software. You can also check out Mellel’s videos on their YouTube channel. Mellel is currently available to Mac and iPad, and its latest version can be found on their website.

Ethiopian Airlines Partners With Magzter to Offer Unlimited Magazine Reading

Ethiopian Airlines Group, the flag carrier of Ethiopia and a Star Alliance member airline, partners with the world’s largest digital magazine newsstand, Magzter, to offer unlimited digital magazines to ShebaMiles members. Ethiopian Airlines has been offering several exclusive offers to their frequent flyers under ShebaMiles loyalty program, and Magzter is the latest addition to their catalogue of lifestyle partners. Under this partnership, the 2.2 million ShebaMiles members can get Magzter’s ‘All-You-Can-Read’ subscription, Magzter GOLD.


Magzter GOLD offers 5,000+ best-selling magazines across 40+ exciting categories including automotive, business, comics, entertainment, fashion, health, lifestyle, news, politics, science, sports, technology and travel, which are sure to impress people of all age groups. These magazines also spread across 60 most widely spoken languages in the world. Some of the top titles offered under Magzter GOLD are Maxim, Entrepreneur, ESPN, Marie Claire (UK), Men’s Health (UK), ELLE Singapore, Forbes Africa, Playboy South Africa, Cosmopolitan South Africa, India Today and Filmfare.


Frequent air travelers are usually ardent readers, who would like to keep themselves engaged by reading magazines when they wait at the airport or travel on a long flight. With Magzter GOLD, they can download all their favorite magazines before they board the flight and read them offline during their journey. Travelers can also discover the best of places to visit during their vacation by reading best-selling travel magazines like Lonely Planet, National Geographic Traveller, Conde Nast Traveller, Travel Leisure, Backpacker and Australian Geographic.


Apart from magazines, Magzter GOLD subscribers also get exclusive access to curated premium articles, which are mobile-friendly and filled with stunning high-resolution images. The readers can not only enjoy unlimited access to superlative content from African nations, but also from other major countries including the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, India, Canada and Spain.


Magzter has so far saved hundreds of thousands of trees and other natural resources by encouraging millions of people to take up digital reading. Thanks to this partnership between Magzter and Ethiopian Airlines Group, thousands of ShebaMiles members will opt for digital reading, thereby making our planet a greener place to live in.


“We are delighted that Magzter has joined ShebaMiles partnership network, which will give unlimited digital magazines access to our members residing all over the world at a special offer price. Now, our members can choose and read from 5,000 best-selling magazines wherever they are traveling.” – Mesfin Ashebir, Manager, Customer Loyalty, Ethiopian Airlines


“As a frequent traveller and Star Alliance Senator member myself, I always download a bunch of magazines before I get on to any flight so that I can catch up during the flight. We are delighted to offer our unlimited reading service to Ethiopian Airlines’ ShebaMiles members. I firmly believe that thousands of ShebaMiles members will plunge into the world of unlimited reading and enjoy the experience while joining us in saving more trees and the environment.” – Girish Ramdas, CEO, Magzter Inc.


“With close to 10,000 digital magazines from different geographies, Magzter provides trusted source content to all the frequent fliers, who need such content to be snacked on while they travel extensively. We are glad that Ethiopian airlines has chosen Magzter to offer unlimited digital magazines to their loyal customers. We’re quite confident that ShebaMiles members will thoroughly love our digital magazine reading experience while they travel.” – Vijay Radhakrishnan, President, Magzter Inc.


About Ethiopian Airlines:
Ethiopian Airlines, the fastest growing Airline in Africa, is the flag carrier of Ethiopia. During the past seventy plus years, Ethiopian has become one of the continent’s leading carriers, unrivalled in Africa for its efficiency and operational success, turning profits for almost all the years of its existence.


About ShebaMiles:
ShebaMiles is Ethiopian’s Frequent Flyer Program whereby members accumulate miles which will entitle them to award tickets, upgrade awards and many other privileges. The more miles the members fly the higher the benefits they get from ShebaMiles. Membership to the program is open to everyone above the age of two years. [GET IT HERE]

Dejal Time Out 2.4 Adds Statistics and More Options

Dejal Systems, LLC today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Time Out 2.4, an important update to their popular break reminder app for macOS. This free app sits in the background tracking the last time the user took a break. At regular intervals, it reminds users to take a short respite from their current tasks. Users can take the time to stand, stretch, and move around a bit, in order to refresh themselves. They can also schedule both long and short breaks, offering flexibility for the user’s own personal preferences.


Dejal Time Out 2.4 Adds Statistics and More Options


Time Out offers two types of breaks by default. A “Normal” break by default will occur every hour, lasting for 10 minutes each time. This allows users to get up, move about, stretch, and even take a quick restroom break. “Micro” breaks occur every 15 minutes, lasting for a short 15 second period. This gives users the opportunity to adjust their posture, look away from the screen, and relax their focus. Both types of breaks are adjustable, and can be delayed, disabled, or deleted by the user at any time. Users can also add their own custom breaks, of any delay and length, and at any specific time. This feature is handy for reminders about fixed breaks such as lunch, or mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks.


When a break is due, Time Out slowly dims the screen, and displays a customizable break theme. During the break, the app’s progress bar displays the remaining break time, and also offers optional buttons to allow a break to be postponed or skipped, if needed. Once the break is over, the break screen then fades, allowing the user to return to work. Time Out then begins marking off the time until the next scheduled break.


“It’s very easy for users to fall into bad habits when using a computer for hours on end. People strive to complete their tasks on time, pushing themselves to the limit,” says Time Out developer David Sinclair. “The human body just isn’t built to sit in one spot for hours at a time, staring at a monitor and typing at a keyboard. That’s why I created Time Out. It offers a gentle and customizable way to remind users to take much needed breaks, reducing stress and increasing their productivity.”


Time Out has an option to show the time until the next break in the menu bar. By clicking the timer, users can access the app’s preferences, allowing them to make quick adjustments to the app’s settings if needed.


Version 2.4 further extends the enhancements to the postpone and skip options introduced in version 2.3, including a new option to disable those buttons for a few seconds at the start of each break. You may find this helpful if you are habitually clicking the Postpone or Skip buttons, without taking a moment to decide if you really need to defer the break. It’s common to see the start of the break as an unwelcome interruption… but you installed the app in the first place because you recognized that you need to take regular breaks for your health and wellbeing. You can activate this option to give you a few seconds to make a more mindful decision.


Another much-requested change in this release is the ability to customize the time to detect natural breaks, i.e. how long the computer is idle.


Something that might help in deciding how you’re doing in taking breaks is a new Statistics feature. This is within the Activity section, and includes the number of times you’ve postponed, skipped, or done breaks, and the total time spent in breaks. These amounts will start being calculated in version 2.4, so take a look after a few days. It also includes a fascinating line chart, for a graphical representation (see below).


Plus a number of other enhancements and fixes.


The app offers several break themes, which use web standards such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so users can customize the themes as they like. Themes can also make use of local web pages, or even pages from sites on the internet, so the amount of customization available is almost unlimited.


Customization doesn’t end with appearance; Time Out can also be set to perform various actions before, during, or after a break. The app can display a notification, speak text, play a sound, or even run an Automator or AppleScript action. All actions can be chained, allowing users to set as many, or as few actions as they prefer. What’s more, these actions can be set to execute at any time, be it just before a break, after a break starts, just before a break ends, or after it’s over. A number of useful scripts are included with the app, and custom scripts created by Time Out users are also available for download from the Time Out website.


The Preferences window allows users to view the breaks and their options, and it includes buttons along the top to quickly add a break, pause all breaks, postpone or skip the upcoming break, or get help. Users can also post about the app on Facebook and Twitter, as well as visit the Dejal social media pages.


Color-coded labels can be applied to any break to visually indicate which type of break is due next. Users can also view when the break is next due, how long ago the last break was, and also use hover buttons to start, postpone, disable, skip, or delete a break. Users can also apply and edit a global keyboard shortcut to immediately start a specific break. Other options include scheduling features that set the length of a break, how often it occurs, what time of day it occurs, and even the next date and time it is due to occur.


One customization option that will be especially useful for corporate users is the ability to add any app to an Exclusions list that tells Time Out to not allow break reminders when any app included in the list is open, or is the frontmost app. This option is particularly handy when users are performing such tasks as FaceTime calls, viewing videos, or making presentations.


Time Out keeps users at their best. It reminds them to make better use of their time by taking regular breaks in order to remain mentally sharp, productive, and healthy. Version 2.4’s new features make creating, scheduling, and controlling regular breaks an easy-to-include part of any workday.


System Requirements:
* macOS Yosemite (10.10) or later; ready for High Sierra (10.13)
* 64-bit Processor
* 13.8 MB


Pricing and Availability:
Time Out 2.4 is free, and is available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Health and Fitness category, as well as the Dejal website. Advanced features are available via easy in-app donations.

Teleprompter 2.0 for iOS – Offers Teleprompter, Recording, and Auto Subtitles

VideoGo Ltd has announced the release of Teleprompter Auto Subtitles 2.0, an update to the company’s professional level standalone teleprompter & video recording app developed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. VideoGo Teleprompter is the ultimate series of video apps to create and share your own branded broadcast quality videos quickly and easily from your mobile device.


Teleprompter 2.0 for iOS - Offers Teleprompter, Recording, and Auto Subtitles


Perfect for vloggers, small business and the corporate sector, VideoGo Teleprompter Auto Subtitles offers a nicely designed interface that is simple to operate. It ships with a variety of features which are easy to understand and fits well within multiple environments. VideoGo Teleprompter is essentially three products in one. Flip between the standalone teleprompter for those with a separate camera, or use the built-in recording app with a teleprompter by its side. Lastly you have the option to burn your script into your final video render, a massive time saver from the usual captioning software and .SRT files processes.


Features include:
* Text only or Record Mode
* Text Size and Text Speed
* Pause snippet
* Rotate and Reflect Mode
* Scale Video up or down for more real estate
* Save your presets, no need to start from scratch if you would like to create several tests
* Share via email or your favourite social media platforms
* Countdown Timer
* Clock
* Option to Burn Script in Final Video Render Automatically


“Our team have over 40 years experience in the broadcast, television and video industries. And with the expanding mobile market, decided to create a suite of video apps for use with your mobile device,” explained Joph Hord, co-founder of UK VideoGo Ltd. “With a template structure in mind, we create apps which enable our customers to speed up their workflow and produce consistency in their brand.”


In version 2.0, Now with Auto Subtitling – Add Subtitles to your video recordings direct from your script. Automatically burn subtitles to your final videos as an option.


Device Requirements:
* iPhone 5s or later, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 11.1 or later
* 22.5 MB


Pricing and Availability:
Teleprompter Auto Subtitles is $12.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category. [GET IT HERE]

Best Free Workout Timer App for Home, HIIT, Yoga, or 7 Minute Workouts

Prajnu, Inc. is pleased to announce FlexTimer+, a free workout timer app now available on the Apple App Store. FlexTimer+ is a fully customizable workout timer for any type of workout or activity (HIIT, Interval, Tabata, Cross-fit, Yoga, Meditation) the user would like to create. It also comes preloaded with a 7 minute workout template that can be easily modified to the user’s preferences.


Best Free Workout Timer App for Home, HIIT, Yoga, or 7 Minute Workouts


Once the user creates a workout or modifies the 7 minute workout template to fit their personal goals, the app will guide them through the workout with sound cues, exercise names, and any static images loaded in. After the workout is complete (with the user’s permission) the workout and/or mindful minutes (meditation, breathing, etc.) are recorded to the Apple Health app. The user can also use FlexTimer+ with their favorite music app (Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, Spotify, Etc.)


The app is the creation of Rick Nanda, Co-Founder of Prajnu, who was diagnosed as prediabetic a few years ago. A healthier diet combined with a variety of high intensity and kettlebell workouts have led to 30 pounds of weight loss and better health. When he looked for an app to help him manage these workouts he only found apps with preloaded exercises that were primarily subscription based. So he and Prajnu Co-Founder, Spencer Leu, decided to create a fully customizable free workout timer app. The result is FlexTimer+.


Pricing and Availability:
FlexTimer+ 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the Apple App Store in the Health & Fitness category.

Natural Designs Software Brings Modern on-Screen Keyboard to iPhone

For all fans of PadKeys and non-fans of switching between ABC and 123 layouts, Natural Designs Software has announced a port of their well-regarded iPad custom keyboard app to the iPhone. Numbers, punctuation, and cursor keys are now available without layout flipping. The existing PadKeys Keyboard app previously only available for iPad is now a universal app.



Smart phones are different, much larger devices than they were a decade ago, but the on-screen keyboard hasn’t evolved. To satisfy requests from users frustrated with traditional ABC-123 layout swapping,


PadKeys improves the iPhone typing experience in several ways:

* A number row: no more need to switch screens to enter part of an address, tracking number, or other alphanumeric text.

* Punctuation and symbols on the same screen: no more layout flipping just to type something in “quotes” or use a simple character like +, -, or *.

* Cursor keys: Easier to use than any of the alternatives smartphone makers have introduced.

* Word swipe input: One of the most efficient ways to enter text on a small screen.

* Enhanced autocorrect: As on the iPad, PadKeys iPhone displays as many suggestions as your screen has room for – no artificial limitation to three.

* Multilingual: PadKeys iPhone supports the same dozen-plus common languages and keyboard layouts as the iPad version, and lets you swap quickly between your two most-frequently used.


Success of the original PadKeys was driven by a simple idea. The stock iOS keyboard design was optimized for the original 3.5″ iPhone and doesn’t make good use of space on larger tablet displays. PadKeys took the opposite approach, shrinking a full laptop layout to ergonomically provide numbers, punctuation, and also cursor keys on one screen in familiar places. This was well received by iPad users, making PadKeys one of the highest-rated keyboards in the App Store. However, modern iPhones are also much larger than the original that inspired the screen-switching design, and users asked for PadKeys to be brought to their phones as well.


Making this happen was not as simple as shrinking down the same layout to phone size. Simplifications had to be made to avoid making the keys too small to hit, and also existing functionality like word swipe had to be enhanced to deal with the “sloppier” input that comes from a smaller screen. A long beta testing phase has honed the initial prototype to a practical tool.


“As you can guess from the name, we initially developed PadKeys to be a kind of ‘anti-‘ phone keyboard, inspired by conventional laptop/netbook layouts,” says Adrian Robert, founder and lead developer at Natural Designs. “So I was surprised when users started asking us to bring it to their phones. But actually the trend has been towards ever-bigger screens. The display size on the Plus series is over double that of the original iPhone, and the standard model isn’t far behind. Yet keyboard designs haven’t evolved. It’s high time they do.”


Supported Languages:
PadKeys Keyboard supports English (US, CA, UK, AU, and NZ), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French (France and Canada), German, Italian, Norwegian (Bokml), Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Spanish, and Swedish.


Device Requirements:
* Any device supporting iOS 10 or above


Pricing and Availability:
PadKeys Keyboard universal for iPad and iPhone is available at phone launch promotional pricing in the iOS App Store for $1.99 USD (or equivalent in other currencies). Regular price is $4.99.