Observatory 1.3 for macOS Now Available

Code Obsession is proud to announce the release of Observatory 1.3, a large update to the only image management application that is specifically designed for astronomy. The update adds SkySafari integration, overlays and automatic tagging for variable stars, double stars, confirmed exoplanets, and much more.


Organize your astronomical images with Observatory. Plate solve, automatically tag and overlay millions of galaxies, variable stars, confirmed exoplanets, and other objects. Nondestructive calibrate, register, stack and process. Observatory includes Quick Look & Spotlight plugins for FITS, XISF (PixInsight) and SBIG images, supports these and many other image formats and lets you search and download images directly from professional astronomical image archives. Observatory is a Virtual Observatory. Easily search 10+ professional archives simultaneously and download research images from:

* European Southern Observatory
* W. M. Keck Observatory
* Gemini Observatory
* Hubble Space Telescope
* Spitzer Space Telescope
* WISE Space Telescope
* Palomar Transient Factory
* SkyMapper Southern Sky Survey
* Two Micron All Sky Survey
* Sloan Digital Sky Survey
* Digitized Sky Survey


* Display thumbnails, previews and metadata of FITS, XISF and SBIG images in Finder and other applications. Find images by exposure time, focal length, detector temperature, right ascension, declination and more using Spotlight.

* Relate image pixels to actual sky coordinates with Observatory’s plate solver or its interface to the astrometry.net blind plate solver. Plate solved images are automatically tagged, so you can find them back later by object identifier and category.

* Discover what’s in your images by overlaying millions of stars, galaxies, planetary nebulae, confirmed exoplanets and other objects of the Messier, NGC/IC, Tycho-2, CGPN, GCVS, WDS and PGC catalogs, or add the UCAC4 and USNO-A2.0 catalogs for an additional 500 million stars.

* Create multiple libraries and keep your images organized without copying, moving or altering them. Edit metadata, ratings, color codes, notes and attachments for individual images or multiple images at once.

* Aperture photometry with subpixel accuracy and error estimates, astrometry, image blinking, image statistics, and more.

* A nondestructive preprocessing workflow without the hassle of intermediate files. Calibration; cosmetic correction; binning; debayering; background neutralization; color balance; flatten background; chromatic align; register; normalize and stack.

* Open FITS, XISF and SBIG images at full bit depth in Acorn with help of our Acorn plugin.

* Observatory supports FITS, XISF, SBIG, DNG, NEF, CR2, TIFF, and many more image formats


Pricing and Availability:
Observatory is $79.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Photography category. For more information, please visit Code Obsession online.

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