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Dejal Time Out 2.5 Now Offers macOS Mojave Dark Mode, More

Dejal Systems, LLC has released Time Out 2.5, an important update to their popular break reminder app for macOS. This free app sits in the background tracking the last time the user took a break. At regular intervals, it reminds users to take a short respite from their current tasks. Users can take the time to stand, stretch, and move around a bit, in order to refresh themselves. They can also schedule both long and short breaks, offering flexibility for the user’s own personal preferences.



Time Out offers two types of breaks by default. A “Normal” break by default will occur every hour, lasting for 10 minutes each time. This allows users to get up, move about, stretch, and even take a quick restroom break. “Micro” breaks occur every 15 minutes, lasting for a short 15 second period. This gives users the opportunity to adjust their posture, look away from the screen, and relax their focus. Both types of breaks are adjustable, and can be delayed, disabled, or deleted by the user at any time. Users can also add their own custom breaks, of any delay and length, and at any specific time. This feature is handy for reminders about fixed breaks such as lunch, or mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks.


When a break is due, Time Out slowly dims the screen, and displays a customizable break theme. During the break, the app’s progress bar displays the remaining break time, and also offers optional buttons to allow a break to be postponed or skipped, if needed. Once the break is over, the break screen then fades, allowing the user to return to work. Time Out then begins marking off the time until the next scheduled break.


Time Out has an option to show the time until the next break in the menu bar. By clicking the timer, users can access the app’s preferences, allowing them to make quick adjustments to the app’s settings if needed.


Version 2.5 adds Mojave dark mode support throughout the app. It also includes a new option on the Break Schedule page of the preferences to choose which days of the week a break is available. Using this option, you could indicate that breaks should only occur on weekdays, or only Fridays, or any other combination. The days of the week can combine with a time range, or apply all day on the indicated days.


Another new supporter option is on the Advanced preferences page: the ability to disable the app switcher, force quit, and shut down panels during a break. Most people probably don’t need this, but if you need a little extra encouragement to avoid skipping breaks, this might be helpful, when combined with existing options to disable the postpone and skip buttons.


The app offers several break themes, which use web standards such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so users can customize the themes as they like. Themes can also make use of local web pages, or even pages from sites on the internet, so the amount of customization available is almost unlimited.


Customization doesn’t end with appearance; Time Out can also be set to perform various actions before, during, or after a break. The app can display a notification, speak text, play a sound, or even run an Automator or AppleScript action. All actions can be chained, allowing users to set as many, or as few actions as they prefer. What’s more, these actions can be set to execute at any time, be it just before a break, after a break starts, just before a break ends, or after it’s over. A number of useful scripts are included with the app, and custom scripts created by Time Out users are also available for download from the Time Out website.


The Preferences window allows users to view the breaks and their options, and it includes buttons along the top to quickly add a break, pause all breaks, postpone or skip the upcoming break, or get help. Users can also post about the app on Facebook and Twitter, as well as visit the Dejal social media pages.


Color-coded labels can be applied to any break to visually indicate which type of break is due next. Users can also view when the break is next due, how long ago the last break was, and also use hover buttons to start, postpone, disable, skip, or delete a break. Users can also apply and edit a global keyboard shortcut to immediately start a specific break. Other options include scheduling features that set the length of a break, how often it occurs, what time of day it occurs, and even the next date and time it is due to occur.


One customization option that will be especially useful for corporate users is the ability to add any app to an Exclusions list that tells Time Out to not allow break reminders when any app included in the list is open, or is the frontmost app. This option is particularly handy when users are performing such tasks as FaceTime calls, viewing videos, or making presentations.


Time Out keeps users at their best. It reminds them to make better use of their time by taking regular breaks in order to remain mentally sharp, productive, and healthy. Version 2.5’s new features make creating, scheduling, and controlling regular breaks an easy-to-include part of any workday.

Time Out 2.5 is free, and is available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Health and Fitness category, as well as the Dejal website. Advanced features are available via easy in-app donations. Review codes are available upon request.


Dejal Time Out 2.5
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Pixelmator Pro Adds AI-Powered Photo Enhancement Tools

The Pixelmator Team today released Pixelmator Pro 1.2 Quicksilver, a major update to the fast and powerful image editor for Mac. The update adds support for macOS Mojave, including an all-new light appearance, Core ML-powered automatic photo enhancement, batch image processing via the Automator app, and much more.



The new ML Enhance feature in Pixelmator Pro automatically enhances photos – balancing the colors, evening out exposure, and making changes to individual color ranges – to give you the best starting point for making your own creative edits to a photo. Powered by Core ML and developed using a carefully refined set of millions of professional photos, the machine learning algorithm analyzes photos to detect the objects they contain, then enhances their colors and brings out missing details, leaving the final creative touches to the user.


The update also brings the option to use a gorgeous light appearance, giving users an entirely new way to experience Pixelmator Pro. In addition, Pixelmator Pro 1.2 Quicksilver includes a refreshed, much more native dark appearance, so the app now adapts seamlessly to the light and dark modes in macOS Mojave. And with automatic switching, Pixelmator Pro instantly updates to match the current appearance of macOS.


Automator support and five powerful, versatile actions now makes it possible to batch process images using the professional editing tools available in Pixelmator Pro. The Auto Enhance Images action uses the new ML Enhance feature to automatically improve photos, Auto White Balance Images automatically corrects white balance, Apply Color Adjustments to Images and Apply Effects to Images makes every single color adjustment and effect in Pixelmator Pro available in Automator, and Change Type of Images makes it a breeze to convert batches of images from one file format to another. So now, working with large sets of images and making repetitive edits becomes effortless.


Pixelmator Pro 1.2 Quicksilver includes many other improvements, including support for colorful SVG Fonts, the new Continuity Camera, an Eraser Mode for the Pixel Paint tool, as well as a range of additional performance improvements and fixes.


Pixelmator Pro 1.2 Quicksilver
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Gmail Users Can Take Back Control of Their Inbox With Mailbutler

Mailbutler GmbH is once again redefining productivity with its latest update for Gmail. The new and improved Mailbutler extension supercharges Gmail with the must-have tools of modern emailing, providing an elegant solution to increase the flexibility and capability of Gmail, ideal for single users to handle both personal and work emails, as well as teams to share and collaborate without leaving the inbox.


Gmail Users Can Take Back Control of Their Inbox With Mailbutler


Mailbutler 2.2 for Gmail features a polished look with Material Design complimenting Gmail’s new interface. The lightweight plugin packs in a versatile suite of email power-ups, providing the missing features of Gmail to optimize and streamline everyday workflow. Mailbutler’s time-saving features include read receipts, follow up reminders, scheduling, message templates, and more.


Key features at a glance:
* Tracking: Read receipts to know if, when and where your email or link has been opened
* Signatures: Professional email signature builder with templates for you and your team
* Send Later: Compose emails ahead of time and schedule for later delivery at any time
* Note & Tasks: Add to-do items and memos with email messages and get reminders on private and shared tasks
* Message Templates: Write better and faster with pre-written messages with personalized placeholder for you and your team
* Integrations: Sync emails to your favorite project manager and productivity tools
* Dashboard: Stats and insights to your email performance and productivity levels


Designed in Berlin with its secured servers located in Frankfurt, Germany, Mailbutler’s privacy-by-design rule gives Gmail users a peace of mind with its industry-leading privacy principles: “Email is the no.1 tool for business communication. Germany has one of the strictest data privacy protection laws in the world, and Mailbutler clearly demonstrates professionalism with no compromise to the service we provide.” says Fabian Jager, CTO of Mailbutler.


The latest update comes with added integration options to connect Gmail with productivity services. Users can sync their emails with popular task manager tools, such as Trello, Asana, Todoist, MeisterTask, ToodleDo, and more. Its latest integration with Slack allows users to receive notifications of their opened emails and due tasks directly in Slack.


Pricing and Availability:
Mailbutler is available as a free Chrome extension for Gmail on Chrome Web Store, or as a plugin for Apple Mail on the macOS app store.

* Essential plan: Free, up to 30 actions for Professional and Business features
* Professional plan: starting 6.50 EUR per month, unlimited Professional features and up to 30 actions for Business features
* Business plan: starting 24.95 EUR per month, unlimited access to all features

Mailbutler 2.2 for Gmail
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MacXDVD Software Has Useful Fixes for YouTube Outages

In responding to “YouTube not working” error across the world, MacXDVD Software, a global renowned multimedia solution provider, released useful measures to fix YouTube Internal 500 Error, blank or black YouTube screen. YouTube experienced global outage morning today with thousands of angry users swarming on social media.


When users try to access the site, they see a largely blank page with grey boxes or a black screen when loading YouTube. Some others see the Error Code 500, with the message: “500 Internal Server Error. Sorry, something went wrong.”


Instead of calling 911 about YouTube being down, try the measures MacXDVD Software has just offered.

1. Clear browser’s cache and cookies that may cause HTTP 500 issues.
2. Shut down any conflicting plugins or extensions of the browser; restart or switch to another browser.
3. Shut down the bandwidth-consumed applications; recheck the internet connection and restart the router if necessary.
4. Check if YouTube is in the authorized websites in your security tool or firewall, if not, add it to the list or uninstall the blocking software.
5. Contact YouTube support by phone at 1 (650) 253-0000 or wait for the official fix from YouTube. Check more fixes on YouTube not working page.


In fact, YouTube goes down now and then, except that YouTube outages like this one are rare and typically resolved faster. During this disruption to YouTube, millions of frantic YouTube fanatics flooded Twitter posting “don’t know what to do with life”, “YouTube took my hope away”, “YouTube crashes world war 3”, and words like that. “This reveals the importance of storing the favorite YouTube videos offline to tide fans over until they can access YouTube as usual,” said Jack Han, CEO of MacXDVD Software, “to do that, users need one click only.”


MacX YouTube Helper is a 100% free tool from the company that is dedicated to capturing videos from YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram and 300 sites when it is allowed. It supports videos ranging from SD, HD 1080P, 720P, Blu-ray, to 3D, VR 360, 4K and even 8K videos. Its super fast speed and high reliability listed has it been recognized as a “must-have” free YouTube helper by prominent sites like CNET, TechRadar, and MacWorld. Whether funny cat videos or awesome Casey Neistat vlogs, users can save the whole playlists with one click.


MacX YouTube Helper
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How to Fix YouTube Not Working

Rewarded Engagement is the Future of Mobile With Influence Mobile

The way that Rewarded Engagement works is by providing customers a reward in one app, for what they do in another app. Influence Mobile started out their company with the development of apps specifically targeted to female sports fans that also like to play games on their phone. Their “Louder Rewards” apps cover 140 of the most popular sports teams with an engaged base that use their apps to answer trivia questions about their team, keep up with team news, view their team roster and schedule, and earn points for real team swag.


In addition, fans can earn additional swag points not for downloading other apps, but for spending time using them. A typical reward might be for playing 35 words in a popular word game or spending a few minutes playing a match-3 game.


With this approach, the people being driven to apps by Influence Mobile are significantly more likely to become ongoing users and turn into purchasing customers at a higher rate than nearly any other comparable source. Influence Mobile is so sure of their network, that they will run a test for any new advertising customer that includes 100 new installs. If those do not translate into higher quality users than other paid advertising campaigns, then the installs are free.


Because Influence Mobile is not a download focused network, their interactions with users they send to their customers go far beyond initial touchpoints. Engagement campaigns keep rewarding customers for their use of an app for up to 365 days beyond the day of install.

Influence Mobile
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BatchOutput for Microsoft Excel Now Offers macOS Mojave Support

Zevrix Solutions announces BatchOutput XLS 2.5.4, a compatibility update to the company’s output automation solution for Microsoft Excel on macOS. The only batch processing tool for Excel on the Mac market, the software helps users eliminate repetitive tasks through automation of printing and professional PDF output.



The new version introduces support for the recently released macOS 10.14 Mojave and is offered as a free update to the licensed users. While BatchOutput XLS is fully compatible with the new Dark Mode, the app currently preserves its original appearance. A dark appearance will be introduced in the future.


In addition to batch printing, BatchOutput XLS allows to carry out professional PDF production directly from Excel, helping users simplify and streamline the conversion process.


BatchOutput XLS is the only app on the market that provides Excel users with advanced PDF creation options:

* Print and export multiple Excel documents to PDF with a click of a button
* Split Excel workbooks into single PDF worksheets
* Variable PDF file names based on user name, date, batch number and other values
* Reduce PDF file size and optimize documents for web, print or mobile devices
* Encrypt and password-protect PDF from unauthorized copying, printing and viewing
* Change PDF color tone, brightness and other qualities

BatchOutput XLS can be purchased for $19.95 (USD) from Zevrix website, as well as from authorized resellers and Mac App Store. Trial is also available for download. BatchOutput XLS requires macOS 10.7-10.14 and Microsoft Excel 2008, 2011, 2016 or 2019.

Zevrix Solutions
BatchOutput XLS 2.5.4
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Output Factory Server for Adobe InDesign Now Offers Support for macOS Mojave

Zevrix Solutions has released Output Factory Server 2.1.6, a compatibility update to company’s output automation tool for Adobe InDesign. Output Factory Server automates InDesign production workflow by processing files from watched hot folders. The app offloads printing and exporting from InDesign to a central system leaving operator workstations free from the output process.



The new version introduces support for the recently released macOS 10.14 Mojave and is offered as a free update to licensed users. While Output Factory Server is fully compatible with the new Dark Mode, the app currently preserves its original appearance. A dark appearance will be introduced in the future.


Under the Output Factory Server workflow, production artists, prepress operators and designers simply copy InDesign jobs to hot folders that reside on a network. Users can create hot folders for different output targets such as hi-res PDF, large format printing, EPUB files and so on.


The software offers the following key features:

* Output InDesign files automatically from hot folders
* Supports print, PDF, PostScript, TIFF, EPUB and other formats
* Output to multiple formats from a single hot folder
* Automatic email notifications on errors and other events
* Layer versioning: output layer combinations as separate files
* Variable output file names
* Automatic preflighting
* PDF security presets for different workflows

Output Factory Server can be purchased from Zevrix web site for $699.95 (USD), as well as from authorized resellers. Trial is also available for download. The upgrade to version 2 is $350 for the licensed users of Output Factory Server 1.x and BatchOutput Server. Output Factory Server requires macOS 10.7-10.14 and Adobe InDesign CS5-CC 2018.

Zevrix Solutions
Output Factory Server 2.1.6
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Learn Japanese and Explore Tokyo on the Go With Tokyo Ride

Sola K.k has released Tokyo Ride, their very first Japanese learning application. The user controls Riku -the manga styled main character- through Tokyo while learning Japanese and exploring the city. There is a dedicated Tokyo Map section in the game, where the user can learn other interesting facts about all of the famous landmarks and places of Tokyo.



Designed with the player in mind, Tokyo Ride is enjoyable for all ages and Japanese levels. “Pick the game mode suitable for your needs and beat high scores. Play according to your schedule, each game can be extended or shortened based on your preferences. Perfect for studying on the go. Tokyo Ride is not only a learning application, but also a fun game to keep you entertained and encouraged to continue studying.”


* Easy and intuitive controls
* Quick, fast paced sessions ideal for studying on the go
* Test your knowledge of Hiragana and Katakana
* Study guide with all the Hiragana and Katakana characters with their pronunciation
* 3 different game modes to suit your needs
* Learn interesting trivia about Tokyo landmarks
* Simple but fun visual design


Tokyo Ride is available for free worldwide on both the App Store and the Google Play Store in the Game category in English.


Sola K.K
Tokyo Ride
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