PressPad Launches Upgrade to News Apps Platform

Digital publishing technology company PressPad Sp. z o.o. tis launching an upgrade to their news apps platform. The update, brings support for innovative business models in the news publishing industry with a better paywall implementation to their iOS News apps platform called PressPad News.


PressPad News features:
PressPad News is the news distribution apps platform. The branded news apps take content from the WordPress based website or via the RSS feed. Upon new content arrival, the notification is pushed to the mobile device to let the user know about it happens. The content appears in the app in a legible, mobile-first way.

Features of the platform are as follows:

* A flexible paywall
* Mobile Ads support
* Custom content analytics
* Google Analytics integration
* Auto-notifications
* Graphical push notifications

Features for readers include:

* Offline reading
* Keeping up with the latest articles and news
* Saving the most interesting content for the further reading
* Adjusting fonts and contrast
* Text-to-Speech ready
* A flexible approach to paywalls in the news app


A paywall available in the iPhone and iPad apps from PressPad covers the four use cases:

1. Hard paywall – 100% of the content is locked behind the wall in the app.

2. Freemium model paywall – A defined number of articles are available to read for free per month, week or day. After subscribing the full content is available with ads being still visible.

3. Ad-free Freemium model paywall – A defined number of articles are available to read for free per month. Full, ad-free content is available after subscribing.

4. Ad-free model paywall – All the content is available for free but readers see ads – full, ad-free content is available after subscribing.


PressPad connects all these into the one, comprehensive tool for the news publisher – a news distribution channel in the form of a branded iOS mobile app. This mobile technology supports mobile ads, a donation-based model and the freemium model. PressPad apps are available on Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire.


PressPad News
Cord Cutters News (Example App)
Screenshot (Example of the app ratings and reviews)
Screenshot (iPad App – Locked)
Screenshot (iPad App – Unlocked)
YouTube Video (Explainer)

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