Minimalist Shooter ‘Solid Aether’ is Now Available for Mac

FAL Works has released a Mac version of their shoot ’em up game “Solid Aether.” The game is a bullet hell shoot ’em up game of a simple design. It is a classic 2D shooter game featuring a variety of bullet patterns that are generated continuously in a stylish black and white world.



  • Minimalist and abstract art: The visual is artistically designed, based on black and white and using only rectangular-shaped elements, which offers an unique and comfortable gameplay
  • Variety of bullet patterns: Consisting of countless bullets, the patterns will be deployed one after another
  • Four unique levels: Each level is characterized by its own music and tendency of bullet patterns
  • Extremely simple game mechanics: No bombs. No power-ups. No items. Just dodge and shoot
  • Newbie friendly: You can easily recover from mistakes by destroying enemies and receiving extra lives, which lets you enjoy the game even if you aren’t familiar with shmups


Solid Aether is $6.99 is available on Steam and It will also be ported to iOS and Android in the near future.

Solid Aether
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