Parafoxers Now Available for iOS and Android

India based game development company Spiel Studios Pvt. Ltd. has released its latest game, called Parafoxers. In this simple, casual and easy to learn game, players need to help the Bunny to shoot the Foxes which are continuously dropping from the Helicopters. If many of them land on the ground, they will get you. Inspired from the very popular 1980s game, Paratroopers, this game will get you addicted in no time!



Parafoxers has a total of 30 levels, each with unique objectives, and on completing each you unlock items in the Shop. You can buy new tanks and upgrade your power-ups like Shield and Spikes from the Shop. You can deploy Shield to safeguard your Tank from bombs and bullets which are fired by the foxes, and you can use Spikes if the foxes try climbing up to your platform!


Parafoxers 1.2 is Free (with In-App Purchases) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play. For more information, please contact Mohit Sureka from Spiel Studios.

Parafoxers 1.2
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Download from Google Play
YouTube Video (Gameplay Preview

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