UnFaceBook – Come on Over to WebSonar

NeoNet Corp has developed a Made in Canada document management solution that solves the social network information privacy problem. WebSonar is based on Virginia Systems’ Sonar Professional search engine that was originally developed in 1988. WebSonar combines this powerful search engine with a standard web server to provide a flexible and scaleable, browser based document management solution.


WebSonar Libraries provide a platform for sharing that does not require users to trade their privacy. Every individual library can host an unlimited number of documents. Each Library’s home page has a unique URL, provides search functions and a ten page looped slide show. The library’s document access is controlled by the library owner.


The service is free with an option to contribute a small monthly commitment of $5.00 for the use of one hosted Library, but this is strictly voluntary. There is no limit to the number of participants in a library group. Each group member can be provided with the upload password by the library owner so they can contribute content as well as participate in the exchange. You can set the access to your content to private or public. If it is set to private visitors will require the upload password to browse the content. Use the Comments link for discussion.


We Offer Five Scalable Solutions:
* 1 Library – $5.00 per month Hosted in our Data Center (free trial period, no registration required)
* 9 Libraries – $9.99 WebSonar 9 macOS app includes in-app purchase to serve to the Internet
* 36 Libraries – $19.99 WebSonar 36 macOS app requires WAN IP address to serve to the Internet
* 120 Libraries – $99.99 WebSonar Pro macOS app requires WAN IP address to serve to the Internet
* 2500 Libraries – $2500.00 Includes Mac Mini requires WAN IP address to serve to the Internet

Acquire a Hosted Library
Purchase and Download WebSonar 9
Purchase and Download WebSonar 36
Purchase and Download WebSonar Pro
Visit School Libraries Network
View Sample Libraries

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