Gesture-Based Calculator Released for iOS Devices

InVooDoo LLC is pleased to announce the release of Calcularium 3.0.2, an update to the company’s popular productivity app developed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Calcularium is a unique product for a small touch screen device that really unleashes the Power of Touch Interface as it was intended to be.


Gesture-Based Calculator Released for iOS Devices


Calcularium’s gesture language is built on micro-interactions and is nailed down to the following: Swipe left and right to navigate among Functions Section, Conversion Section, and Numbers/Operators Keypad; Tap to add/delete, and Force Touch or Long-Press to Edit or Open. The design language of the Calcularium is based on tokens. All tokens are of the same structure: the left part shows a type of the element, the right part has a result or an entered value and its name on top. In addition to tokens there are pure numbers and math operators.


You can set an expression as a variable with the goal to use it afterwards in other expressions and give every component a clear name to recall what it stands for easily. Create a calculation, and next time you reuse it from History section, every component will clearly speak to you. We’ve investigated and leveraged all relevant technologies and UX conventions Apple provides to create a star product for you. Consistency and Coherence of the system makes it amazingly powerful while ingeniously simple.


* Real Time WYSIWYG
* Multi-Level Sub-Calculations with No Limits
* The Ultimate power of Forth Touch and Select Mode
* History: Editable and Reusable Calculations
* Self-Explanatory Naming for Every Component
* Functions and Reusable Expressions
* Constants and Reusable Numbers
* Multi-Variable Functions as Forms
* Multiple Reversible Conversions
* Advanced Search
* Most-Used Calculations and Built-In Functions
* Clear Color-Coding
* Smart Brackets
* Context-Based Copy, Paste, and Convert
* Multiple Ways to Share Your Calculation
* Root, Power, /- and Equal
* Intuitive Gesture Language
* Interactive video tutorial is narrated by Siri


Our team of engineers, designers, and math junkies has spent 6 months to build stellar interactions, to create seamless UX, and to provide solid math background for Calcularium. Embrace the power!

Calcularium 3.0.2 is Free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. For more information, please contact Anton Anisimov.

Calcularium 3.0.2
Download from iTunes

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