24U Phidgets Plug-In 3.1 for FileMaker Pro Now Available

24U has released 24U Phidgets Plug-In 3.1 for FileMaker Pro 14 through 17. The popular plug-in for integrating FileMaker solutions with hardware devices, such as relays, environmental sensors, RFID, and more, now brings support for iOS and re-designed examples.


What’s new in version 3.1:
* Version for iOS lets custom FileMaker apps control Phidgets directly from iPhone or iPad
* Better and nicer examples for exploring 24U Phidgets Plug-In even on iPhone or iPad


Benefits of the new feature:
Having the plug-in included in native iOS apps allows FileMaker developers to incorporate interaction with Phidgets devices even into custom FileMaker apps running on iPhone or iPad. The new improved examples let developers easily learn and test 24U Phidgets Plug-In even on iPhone or iPad and better understand how to use it in their apps.


About 24U Phidgets Plug-In:
24U Phidgets Plug-In allows FileMaker Pro to interact with various Phidgets boards to let a custom app control physical devices and physical devices to control the custom app. 24U Phidgets Plug-In allows FileMaker Pro users to:

* Read and write RFID tags to track goods, assets and people
* Capture sensor data to collect environmental data such as temperature or force
* Control servo motors to automate moving parts of robots and machines
* Read digital and analog inputs to control your solution by physical controls
* Set digital outputs to switch lights and other electrical devices
* Display text on an LCD display to create custom user interface such as cashbox
* Set analog outputs to control electronic equipment
* Compatibility with VINT lets you use the latest Phidgets devices


Sample uses of 24U Phidgets Plug-In:
Existing customers use 24U Phidgets Plug-in in a wide range of different industries, including compliance testing of electrical equipment, sorting sheep, opening door to gym for customers identified by RFID loyalty card, or robotics prototyping.


Pricing and Availability:
24U Phidgets Plug-In 3.1 is immediately available for download free of charge as a fully functional 14-days trial version, which can be activated after purchasing a license code. Licenses for 24U Phidgets Plug-In start at $79 per user and device or $249 (USD) per user with unlimited devices. Licenses for iOS apps start at $499 (USD) per app with up to 20 users. Optional Premium Support and Implementation service are available with the purchase of 24U Phidgets Plug-In 3.1.

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