Cell4pets is Buying iPhones – Sell Now and Earn an $10.00 Extra

Cell4pets is buying iPhones. Sell an iPhone today and earn $10.00 more! Go to Cell4pets and enter the details about your phone. At checkout, enter Coupon Code PRMAC for an additional $10.00. Cell4pets offers some of the highest payouts in the industry.


Extending the life cycle of electronic devices keeps them out of our landfills. It’s estimated there are millions if not a billion unused cell phones in the US. It is our mission to reduce the amount of unused phones that end up in our landfills. By refurbishing, reselling, or recycling, we’ll help save our planet as well as give back to our most loyal companions.


Factors impacting the price you’ll receive for your device.
* Model: It’s simple, iPhones, iPads, and Galaxy phones bring the highest offers. The newer the model the higher the offer.
* Condition: Please read our descriptions carefully. Good and Flawless devices receive significantly more than Fair, Cracked or Broken.
* Manufacturer: Apple and Samsung have an edge over the other smartphone manufacturers due to higher global demand.


You can expect to earn significantly more for your iPhone or Samsung when you sell your device to Cell4pets. Cell4pets has made it really simple for you to sell your smartphone online. The process is quick and easy, just three simple steps! Cell4pets offers an instant price quote for your used Apple iPhones, iPads or Samsung Galaxy smartphones making the entire process seamless. Even if your device is not listed on the portal, you can request a quote from their team of technicians.


Sell Your iPhone Now

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