LogTen Pro Dakota for iOS Offers Calendar View, New Menus, More

Developer Coradine has released the third major update this year for its pilot logbook software for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. LogTen Pro Dakota introduces a highly requested new logbook calendar view, new contextual menus for instant access to the tools most used by pilots, and the ability for long-haul/multi-crew pilots to instantly calculate and update their logbook for relief time.



Additions in LogTen Pro Dakota for iOS include:
* Calendar. This new logbook calendar view makes it easy to see at a glance which days are in the air and which days are at home. Just tap the calendar icon.

* Contextual Menus. These menus save time by helping quickly perform actions without having to tap into the item on the list. For example, press and hold on a flight on the Logbook tab to create a return trip, or on a place in the Places tab to view a map of all flights to or from that place.

* Relief Time. This much requested feature for long haul and multi-crew pilots enables them to instantly include common relief time splits which, if the pilot so chooses, will also automatically deduct from total time. No need to do math, just tap.


Additional Features and Improvements:
* Native iOS dark mode support
* Improved Jeppesen Pro Pilot log reports
* Improved AirlineApps report
* Improved New Zealand report
* Improved Summary reports
* Improvements to sharing flights with a digital signature
* Improved performance and reliability


LogTen Pro 2019.3 is free and is available from the App Store.

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