Prizmo Go 3 Update Includes Curved Text Recognition and iOS 13 Dark Mode

Creaceed released Prizmo Go 3.0, their photo-based text grabbing app for iOS. Prizmo Go 3.0 introduces a unique curved text recognition technique as well as a number of iOS 13 features such as Dark Mode, Apple OCR, Shortcuts Action, and Voice Control.


Prizmo Go allows the user to take a picture of printed or handwritten text and then recognizes it using optical character recognition (OCR) technology. The text can then be selected directly from the photo by swiping through it. Users can then interact with it or just copy and paste it to other apps or to the Mac.


Text can be edited within the application, or read aloud with built-in speech synthesis. Information detected in the text such as website URLs, phone numbers, email addresses, QR codes, or physical addresses can be specifically activated. Text translation into 59 languages is also available.


Version 3 upgrade brings specific handling of curved text. The curvature often degrades the accuracy of text recognition, and sentence or word order is typically lost in the resulting text. Prizmo Go 3 introduces a unique technique for specific processing of curved text that handle these issues, improving both text recognition accuracy and text layout interpretation.


New features:

  • ¬†Curved text recognition
  • Apple OCR (English, iOS 13 required)
  • Dark Mode & user interface update (SF Symbols)
  • Shortcuts action for automation
  • Orientation detection with machine learning / Core ML (Latin alphabet languages)
  • New languages with on-device OCR: Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese
  • Voice Control accessibility feature to allow hands-free interaction


Prizmo Go 3.0 is free on the App Store, and is localized in 17 languages. Text recognition can be tried out, but access to result is limited. Text access can be unlocked by purchasing the Export Pack for $7.99.

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