CADintosh 8.5 2D CAD Program for Mac Updated

Lemke Software GmbH releases CADintosh 8.5, an important update to its popular 2D CAD program for the Mac. It delivers a large variety of CAD tools to Technical Draftsmen, Designers, and other users that create professional technical, mechanical, and architectural drawings.



CADintosh offers a comfortable and simple user interface, providing a large number of usability and workflow advantage over other apps of its kind. The number of CAD elements that can be used in the app is limited only by the available memory in the user’s Mac. The app offers 8 pens with fully definable line widths and colors, 6 different line types, and supports 1,024 layers. Pre-settings are saved with each drawing.


“CADintosh was already the most powerful and easy to use 2D CAD program available on the Mac,” says Thorsten Lemke, president of Lemke Software. “Version 8.5 builds upon that, as the cumulative result of over twenty years of development by our team of industry experts.”


Features Include:

  • Comfortable and simple user interface
  • Number of elements only limited by the Mac’s available memory
  • Pre-settings saved for each drawing
  • Includes 8 pens with freely definable line widths and line colors
  • Includes 6 different line types
  • Offers line widths from 0.0 to 99.99 mm
  • Each element can be designated a different color and width
  • Functions for lines, circles, dimensioning, hatching, X-lines, etc.
  • Allows up to 32,000 groups
  • Supports up to 1,024 layers
  • Offers Complex layer management
  • Easy import and export of DXF, HPGL, IGES and PDF formatted files
  • 64-bit and unicode support
  • Support for symbol libraries for the import and export of symbols
  • Alternative units (i.e. inches)
  • Runs natively on macOS
  • Supports Retina displays
  • Helpful Tutorial


The app’s easy-to-use tools allow anyone to create lines, circles, text, dimensions, X-lines, hatching, and set scale within their drawing. Users can access 8 different pens of variable widths, colors, and styles from the app’s convenient drop-down menus. Available line types include full line, dotted line, chain line, dotted line with two dots, zigzag line, and short dotted line. Adjustable line widths range from 0.0 to 99.99 mm and can be set to different colors and widths.


New Updated features:

  • DWG export
  • Dialog for setting the default unit and scale upon creating a new drawing
  • Localizations
  • Added more drawing data fields (changes document file format)
  • Added identifiers to drawing data dialog
  • Enhanced contrast of thumbnail icon
  • Added font and text height to available set options
  • WYSIWYG font menu with option to disable in the preferences


CADintosh allows easy importing and exporting of several file types, including DXF, HPGL, IGES and PDF. While the app already includes a wide selection of internal symbols, paid versions of the app can also import and export symbol libraries. Created symbols can be saved in an archive. Projects can be created using either imperial or metric units.


We make CADintosh free to try, so that users can run it through its paces before paying,” continues Thorsten. “We know once users see what the app offers, they’ll appreciate its excellent return on investment.”


CADintosh 8.5 is only $33.99 and available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Graphics & Design category. It can also be directly purchased online from the Lemkesoft website for $32.00.

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