Secure Password Management for Mac Owners With PasswordWallet

Selznick Scientific Software releases PasswordWallet 4.8.10 for macOS, an important update to their password management solution. This easy-to-use app allows users to easily manage, store automatically and sync all of their passwords and other important information between their Mac and all of their other devices via Dropbox.



PasswordWallet is available for the macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows device platforms. Simple and secure, PasswordWallet encrypts and stores passwords and other private information in one convenient location, all accessible with a single password. All information automatically syncs between the Mac and the other devices, allowing users to automatically keep their password information up to date with no manual syncing needed.



“Let’s face it, with all of the passwords and other important information we need to keep track of today, it’s impossible to keep all that sensitive, personal information in our heads,” shared PasswordWallet creator Sanford Selznick. “You can’t write down the information, as it could fall into the wrong hands. A post-it note in your desk drawer doesn’t equal secure. PasswordWallet allows you to remember one master password to unlock all of your valuable private information, anytime and anywhere.”



Features Include:

  • Retrieve passwords quickly and effortlessly
  • All information kept encrypted for full security
  • Access passwords, usernames, and other private info with a single master password
  • Synchronize passwords from a Mac to an iPhone or iPod touch
  • Share passwords between Mac, Windows and Android compatible devices
  • Fill usernames and passwords with PasswordWallet’s unique “works-anywhere” Auto-Typing technology
  • Backup and restore iPhone data with no special software (no need for iTunes)
  • Enter multiple usernames and passwords across multiple web pages with Auto-Typing
  • Uses fast BlowFish encryption algorithm with 448-bit keys to protect data
  • Passwords copied to the clipboard are automatically deleted after they are pasted
  • The master password can be kept in the macOS keychain
  • Organize passwords into an unlimited number of user-defined categories
  • Compatible with Windows XP through Windows 10
  • Network Synchronization Wizard enables one touch sync between multiple devices
  • Full Dropbox synchronization support via Dropbox Tokens
  • Personalize synchronization preferences
  • Advanced auto-fill of username and password for web sites
  • Integrated Help function is always available


PasswordWallet for macOS features the industry’s most flexible backup and restore functionality, requiring no special software, not even iTunes, All exports are fully encrypted using fast Blowfish encryption using 448-bit keys for full security. The app encrypts and stores passwords, usernames, PIN numbers, combinations, personal notes, and other private information and keeps them safe and always available via Dropbox.


A single master password locks and unlocks access to all password information. Users can save URLS along with usernames and passwords, allowing PasswordWallet to launch the user’s default browser and autofill user login information. The app’s convenient Auto-Typing feature automatically fills in usernames and passwords, allowing quick-and-easy login to any website.


Usernames and passwords are automatically and securely cleared from the macOS clipboard after they are pasted. The Auto-Typing feature works systemwide, so it works anywhere, including security dialogs, keychain, software registration screens, and even in the Terminal app.


PasswordWallet 4.8.10 for Mac is $19.99. Owners of version 4.x can upgrade free.

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