Merlin Project 6 – Project Management Software

Almost 15 years after the first version of Merlin, the sixth generation of the popular project management software for Mac and iOS was released by Project Wizards. Merlin is intuitive, easy-to-use and offers a variety of options to help you plan, take control, collaborate and complete your project successfully. The new version comes with many graphical improvements.



The so called Dark Mode is a helpful setting when it comes to working in the evening or in dark surroundings – a fate that affects many project managers. With the new version 6.0 Merlin Project supports the Dark Mode on Macs and iOS. In contrast, Merlin Project 6 also offers a Light Mode with a bright inspector for a consistently light appearance. There are four ways to combine the different displays: For example, the contents of a project can appear bright in Dark Mode.


Merlin Project 6 now supports the accent colors on the Mac, which is particularly impressive in the new start dialog. This provides direct access to all templates and previous documents. A new, practical view menu makes it easier to open the numerous views of a project.


On the iPad, Merlin Project 6 can now handle multiple windows – the so-called scenes. It is even supported to open one project in several scenes simultaneously.





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