WhoDo iPad Generates New Contacts 

Swamp Dog, LLC introduces WhoDo iPad 1.0, their new app for Apple’s iPad. WhoDo iPad automatically creates new contract records directly from raw text. There are no forms to fill out or text fields to map, users can generate the source text by entering it from the iPad keyboard, clipboard, or the device’s microphone.



WhoDo iPad combines the power of data detectors, linguistic taggers, speech recognition, and several specialized databases to extract the personal data from raw text and convert it to a contract record directly on the iPad. Users can simply select text in any other app on the iPad and then click the iOS “Share” button, then use provided iOS action extension to create a contact directly inside the “Share” UI.


“In the past, importing contact information into the iPad’s Contacts app was tedious, requiring extensive mapping of text fields to properly import the data,” says Swamp Dog Managing Member Steve Cronin. “But WhoDo iPad imports the correct information directly from the device’s keyboard, clipboard, or microphone.”


Users can customize WhoDo iPad:

  • Using either Home or Work for labelling data
  • Assigning custom text to the contact Note field
  • Recording the date & time of creation in the Note field
  • Including the source text in the contact Note field
  • Capitalizing Names, Job Titles, and Address components
  • Assigning a name prefix (Ms or Ms – it uses an onboard Name database)
  • Assigning a nickname (equal to first name)
  • Assigning a default area code if one is missing from a phone number (US only)
  • Optionally removing a user assignable country code from a phone number


WhoDo iPad 1.0 is free and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utility category. Convenient in-app purchases are available to enable licenses for each repository or all repositories, either as a one time purchase, or as a 3-month subscription, as described above.


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