Mailbutler’s Gets Major Update With New Features

Mailbutler, creator of the leading email productivity tools, has introduced a major update to its mobile app for iOS and Android. The new features transform the mobile app from an information hub to a standalone email tool.


Users can now directly send emails from their Mailbutler app. What’s more, they now have access to the powerful productivity features of the desktop extension: Tracking, Send Later, Signatures & Message Templates, Follow-up Reminders and more.


Dark Mode: After the successful introduction of dark mode to its desktop extensions, Mailbutler has now brought dark mode to its mobile app!


Self-tracking Prevention: Mailbutler users can now receive more reliable tracking information by excluding email opens from their own mobile device.



Advanced filtering options: Mailbutler users can now apply a vast range of new filter options to Notes, Tasks and Mailbutler-enhanced email in their mobile overview.


Fabian Jager, CTO and Co-founder of Mailbutler said: “Ever since we launched our mobile app, there has been a strong demand from our userbase for tracking and scheduling emails through mobile. With the latest improvements, we give users access to twenty-first century email tools even when on the go.”

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