DesignMerge Pro Now Available for Adobe InDesign CC 2020

Meadows Publishing Solutions releases DesignMerge Pro, variable data publishing and personalized printing software for Adobe InDesign 2020, supporting both Macintosh and Windows platforms. The software is also now compatible with macOS Catalina.



In addition to standard VDP capability, such as the ability to personalize text and images, DesignMerge Pro software also includes many other sophisticated VDP features, such as conditional logic for if/then/else rules processing, automatic copy-fitting to remedy overset variable text, linear and 2D bar coding, multi-up imposition, and embedded style tags. The software is completely menu-driven, works directly inside of the Adobe InDesign page layout application, and does not require any manual programming.


New features:

  • Improved Performance for PDF/VT and PPML Output – Several new optimizations have resulted in speed improvements of up to 15% for PDF/VT, and up to 30% for PPML output.
  • New PDF Page Picking Feature – DesignMerge users can now conditionally control which page of a PDF file to import based on a set of user-defined rules. This feature allows the user to specify a single PDF as a variable element, and then control which pages of the PDF are imported using the DesignMerge rules feature.
  • New Variable Layer Support – In additional to variable master pages, DesignMerge software now also supports variable Adobe InDesign layers. Layers can be shown or hidden based on criteria established by the user using the built-in DesignMerge rules module.
  • Super Fast Preflight Reports – The DesignMerge preflight report feature, which checks all records of a variable data job for external assets such as pictures and articles, has been updated to provide incredible performance, even for very large VDP jobs.
  • Updated Integration with Enfocus Switch – The new DesignMerge Pro Configurator module for Enfocus Switch has been updated to support the latest release of Adobe InDesign. A brand new set of sample flows is also provided, which demonstrate fully automated VDP workflows using several different inputs formats, including job folder, CSV, job tickets, and XML.


“This new release has been under development for more than a year, and includes many of the features that have been requested by our growing DesignMerge user base,” said John Kriho, President of Meadows. “DesignMerge software is faster than ever, and is capable of handling practically any VDP challenge. The array of VDP jobs produced by our customers cover everything from simple direct mail addressing, bar coding and numbering to fully variable custom brochures, and everything in between.”


DesignMerge Pro software is available for immediate download at the Meadows web site. Please visit Meadows Publishing Solutions for more information, or email support for pricing or upgrade details.


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