Elroi VPN App Keeps Your Identity Secure

Michigan based entrepreneur, Rachel Cash announces Elroi VPN Secure & Unlimited for iOS and Android devices. The World Wide Web is a strange place – it has created a world without barriers yet there are geographical and data restrictions that prevent you from browsing all the content available on the internet. For example, if you are in Austria, you may not be able to access the US or Indian Netflix, and vice-versa. Similarly, a lot of content on YouTube is location-based and you may not be able to view the desired video if you are in a restricted location.


Well, where there’s a will there’s a way, and finally, there’s a highly secure VPN app in the market that deftly breaks these barriers that divide the World Wide Web. Elroi is a VPN-based app that not only protects your online privacy but also gives you access to 100% of the content available online.


“When you browse the internet on mobile, you are at the risk of losing personal data that may be used by maleficent sites for personal gains. Besides, geographical restrictions bring down your mobile experience and kill the concept of free information,” says Rachel Cash, Founder & CEO. “Elroi app is designed to protect your IP address to keep your phone communications 100% secure. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) protects your online privacy, ensuring a fast and secure connection and gives you access to your favorite content without any censorship issues or bandwidth limit.”


Security is, indeed, a major concern while browsing the internet. The Elroi app not only protects your data from being stolen but also scours the underbelly of the internet with “Dark Web Monitoring” to identify any leaked or stolen data that can compromise your security. Various dark web searches include Email, Phone Numbers, Credit Cards, Passport, and Social Security Numbers.


Features include:

  • Protect your IP address by masking it with a Virtual Private Network
  • Browse the internet safely under a cloak of security that protects your personal information and location
  • Bypass your IP address restrictions to enjoy the internet freely without any censorship issues or geographical restrictions imposed by various sites
  • Use the Dark Web Monitoring feature to scan the internet for any leaked information in circulation on illegal sites


The app looks quite promising with some unmatched features and has grown its user base to 1000 in only 2 months from its launch.  Elroi 1.2 is currently available for free on the App Store under the Utilities category and Google Play under the Tools category.

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