Vectoshaper  Create Graphics on the Mac

Apso MB announces the release and immediate availability of Vectoshaper 1.2, an update to their popular vector drawing application for macOS. Vectoshaper allows Mac users to create precise objects in any shape, faster and easier than ever before. The app provides an all new vector-based approach to creating logos, icons, comics, and any other type of graphic project.



Vectoshaper brings outstanding resizing possibilities to any graphics project. Designers can draw and save the same object, whether it will grace a smartwatch screen, a business card, or a giant billboard. All objects can be scaled up and down with no loss of resolution or detail. The results always look polished and perfect.


“Vector drawing programs have always been so difficult to use, requiring tedious placement of points and connection points,” says Apso MB General Manager, Vytautas Jankevicius. “Vectoshaper makes vector drawing simple, fast, bringing back the joy of creating on the Mac.”


Features include:

  • Create shapes and text with a single click
  • All tools are visible to the user
  • Resize, rotate, position, and adjust the perspective of shapes
  • Adjust the fill and opacity of shapes
  • Adjust stroke width, color, opacity, and type of stroke
  • Adjust the font, size, style and opacity of text
  • Convert text into a shape with a single click
  • Adjust inner and outer shadow of objects
  • Adjust the reflection and opacity of objects
  • Create any size canvas
  • Save in vector format, export as PDF, JPEG, or PNG
  • Share as a note, an iMessage, via AirDrop and more…


The app allows lightning-fast vector drawing with ease, allowing the user to concentrate on the design of the object they’re working on, not on how to use that they’re working with. Users can draw straight lines, curves and other shapes, connecting the to the shapes of any of their forms. Every shape that’s created is on a different layer, allowing users to rotate, make perspectives and mix them all up until they’ve created their desired result.


What’s New in version 1.2:

  • Drawing experience, alignment, mouse cursor and other improvements.
  • Adding dots with guides functionality implemented.
  • Stability and other minor bug fixes.


“The app was created to brings simplicity for everyone to vector drawing. The primary function of the app is vector drawing, so the main tools are straight in front of you,” continues Vytautas. “Save time and concentrate on your work instantly. It is a really great instrument for creating logos and icons or making websites, presentations, social media and other projects.”


Vectoshaper allows users to scale up and scale down any object they’ve drawn, and it will always look polished and perfect. The app makes graphic design a snap, no matter what the scale.

Vectoshaper 1.2 is only $9.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies), which is 33% off the regular price of $14.99 until December 01. The app is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Graphics and Design category.

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