EarthDesk Cyber Monday Deals

Xeric Design announces Cyber Monday savings of up to 50% through December 2, 2019. EarthDesk replaces your static desktop with an image of the Earth showing current sun, moon and city illumination, as well as real-time global cloud coverage, allowing you to track hurricanes and other weather systems on your Macintosh or Windows desktop. The software operates silently in the background, keeping your desktop updated while you work. Unlike a screen saver, which only appears when your system is idle, EarthDesk’s dynamic desktop is continuously displayed as your desktop background (and optionally as a screen saver).



EarthDesk 7 allows users to purchase an optional data subscription (included in the Cyber Monday sale) which offers double the update frequency and 16 times as much detail in the cloud layer with precisely geo-located clouds using data from up to 23 satellites. In addition, this service displays other real-time data including worldwide earthquakes, named storms (typhoons, hurricanes, etc.) and the position of the International Space Station.


Major new features introduced in EarthDesk 7:

  • Greatly improved support for multiple screens and Retina displays
  • Many new positioning options including centering on a specific lat/lon or real-time data such as the location of the most recent earthquake
  • City labels now support multiple colors and different screens can show different sets of data
  • All new city database with support for adding, editing and removing of cities
  • Presets are exportable to easily move configurations between different computers


EarthDesk for Macintosh requires Mac OS X 10.11 or newer. EarthDesk for Windows requires Windows 7 or newer. Some features are platform-specific. For more information and to download an evaluation version, please visit Xeric Design online.

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