Pico Christmas Tree AR for iPhone – Decorate Virtual Christmas Trees 

Independent developer Boleslaw Walczyk announces Pico Christmas Tree AR 1.0, his entertaining holiday-themed app for iPhone and iPad devices. The app allows users to place a Christmas tree anywhere in the room and decorate it using a wide selection of ornaments and decorations.


Select a space in the room where you’d like the Christmas tree to appear, and tap the screen to place the tree. Once the tree has been “planted” in the room, users can then begin decorating the tree, using a wide variety of ornaments and other decorations.


“We all love Christmas time, which for my family always kicks off with decorating the tree a few weeks before the big day. It’s a beautiful family bonding experience and the children in the family especially enjoy it,” shares developer Boleslaw Walczyk. “I’ve always felt the experience should last longer than for just a few hours each year. So, with the latest in iPhone technology, I’ve created an app that allows users to have that feeling any time.”


Pico Christmas Tree AR’s sharing feature means everyone in the family can join in the decorating fun, without needing to crowd around a single small screen. Families can collaboratively decorate the tree by sharing the decorating session with other iOS devices.



Features include:

  • Place the tree anywhere in the room using the power of Augmented Reality
  • Change the location, size and rotation of the tree at any time
  • Decorate using a variety or ornaments and decorations
  • Additional decorations available via convenient in-app purchase
  • Auto-decorate feature decorates the tree on its own
  • Save the current tree project and come back to it any time
  • Built-in gallery allows saving trees for later enjoyment
  • Share a photo of your tree with friends and family


If users can decide how to start decorating the tree, they can make use of the app’s auto-decorate feature. Simply select the desired decorations, and which colors to use, and the app will randomly place the decorations on the tree.


While Christmas is a once a year occasion, decorating the tree need not be, thanks to Pico Christmas Tree AR. Reviewers at EducationalAppStore.com enjoyed the app, saying “This app does exactly what it sets out to do. It provides a creative outlet for children who have become enthralled by the idea of decorating trees for Christmas.”



The reviewer also said “Those of an artistic inclination will see how colours can be matched to work best, compare busy designs with minimalist ones, and design a tree that works with the decor of each room in their home. Sharing the decoration of a single tree will encourage children to work together and share their ideas.”


Pico Christmas Tree AR 1.0 is free and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Download in App Store categories.

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