Railroad Logistics Challenge for Multiple Platforms

Magnin & Associates announces the release of Railroad Logistics Challenge 1.0, their new game for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Windows PC and Xbox where you can try your hand at railroad logistics.



Daily job cards tell you where to go, which car to pickup, what to load it with, and where to deliver it. Job cards can be sorted in any order to help you prioritize the tasks. There are variety of railroad cars including box cars, flat beds, gondola cars, and tankers. You simply back your train into the car you want to pickup and it couples automatically. Then when you deliver it to the right spot you click on the decouple symbol.


The game was produced by Ed Magnin, designed and programmed by Willie Johnson, Jr, 3d models by Ryan Thomas, playtested by game dev interns from Dallas ISD, Conrad H-TECH at Richland College – David Hayes, Amber Roberson, Carlos Davila, and Gabriela Hernandez-Gasca. Matt Campana created the music and audio effects. According to Ed Magnin, “This was our chance to simulate the responsibility for picking up, loading, and delivering a variety of railroad cars to their proper locations to keep our economy moving.”


Railroad Logistics Challenge 1.0 is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. An Android version is available worldwide from both Google Play and Amazon AppStore. A Windows 10 PC and Xbox version is available from the Windows Store.


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