AirBeamTV launches new iOS bundle for Christmas

AirBeamTV has changed the pricing for their popular Screen Mirroring app bundle for iOS. This means a sweeter deal for all Smart TV owners. With this new deal, the savings are a whopping 50% off on AirBeamTV’s app pack in the iTunes App Store.



With AirBeamTV’s screen mirroring apps for iPhone or iPad, you can seamlessly cast your iPhone or iPad on a Smart TV. No need for wires or additional hardware, just make sure your device and TV are connected to the same local network to start streaming content like videos, photos and apps.


The following apps/TV brands are part of this bundle:

  • Mirror for Samsung TV
  • Mirror for LG TV
  • Mirror for Sony TV
  • Mirror for Roku TV
  • Mirror for Panasonic TV
  • Mirror for Amazon FireTV


A single AirBeamTV iOS app costs $4.99 in the iTunes App Store. With the revamped iOS app bundle, AirBeamTV offers 50% discount. Basically, this means you will get 6 apps and only pay for 3! You can buy the iOS apps in the iTunes App Store or find all necessary information on AirBeamTV’s website.

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