Starmaps, LLC Captivating Puzzle Game Cipher Set released

Starmaps, LLC introduces Cipher Set 1.1, their puzzle game for iOS. Cipher Set is a puzzle game composed of nearly 100 levels. It is built with the player’s thought-process in mind to convey a specific idea through a moment of epiphany, with plenty of fun surprises. Cipher Set is non-linear, with levels that can be explored and completed in many orders. The rules of play are discovered along the way, with new operations introduced in subsequent levels.



Each puzzle level is an idea encoded in a grid of blocks, which posses varying functions. Along the way the player must navigate and manipulate these blocks, which teleport, rotate, swap, shift and much more. The objective of the game is to realize how to manipulate the blocks in order to create a path through each level so that the exit can be reached. Levels are carefully designed so that trial-and-error play will not yield success, instead encouraging the user to think creatively about potential solutions, with the ultimate goal being a flash of insight.


Cipher Set is an excellent platform for those wanting to flex their brain power and for those who enjoy the satisfaction of deciphering puzzles. With its vast collection of steadily introduced ideas, and its approach that emphasizes discovery over speed, Cipher Set promises to keep players of all ages intrigued and immersed. Additionally, Cipher Set contains pleasant visuals and mesmerizing musical effects. Tapping the game’s elements produces endless pleasing and unique melodies.


Cipher Set offers a generous amount of free levels for the user to enjoy- nearly 1/3 of the game. Players who enjoy the puzzle challenges can pay $1.99 for the remainder of the game. Cipher Set aims to appeal to the novice or avid puzzler who understands a solution’s ah-hah moment to be a communication of ideas between the player and developer.


Key Features:

  • Nearly 100 thoughtfully crafted, challenging puzzles
  • Original and unique game mechanics
  • Untimed play
  • Engaging musical elements
  • Generous amount of free content
  • Rewards with hundreds of “ah-hah!” moments
  • No-tutorial, user-discovered game play
  • Broad age appeal


Cipher Set 1.1 is free and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. A convenient in-app purchase of $1.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) is available to unlock the full game.

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