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Free Imposition Software for Adobe InDesign

Meadows Publishing Solutions releases Meadows Productivity Suite software, a completely Free set of software tools for Adobe InDesign. Designed to streamline multi-up impositions, and other publishing tasks. It is now compatible with all Adobe InDesign 2020 and macOS Catalina systems.



The MPS Pro Suite includes an advanced multi-up imposition utility, allowing users to create multi-up imposition layouts of graphics, PDF files, or InDesign documents. The process is driven by a user interface that allows for the specification of trim size, bleed, spacing, and rotation of the imposed elements.


As the imposed elements are placed, crop and bleed marks can also be added automatically, and assigned to InDesign layers as they are created. For two-page impositions, the user can choose from one of several duplex modes, which ensures the imposed content will back up properly when printed. Control over content placement and fitting is also provided via a set of preference options.


For a free copy of the MPS Pro Suite, users simply visit the Meadows web site and fill in the registration form. A confirmation email is then sent with all of the download details. Please visit our online press center for logos, images, and product information. For more information, please contact John Kriho, President, Meadows Publishing Solutions.

Printer Paper Tray Selection Based on Document Text Added to BatchOutput PDF


Zevrix Solutions announces BatchOutput PDF 2.3, an update to the PDF printing automation solution for Mac. The software allows users to process PDF documents from watched hot folders. The app saves customers the time and effort of opening and printing each document manually.



BatchOutput PDF 2.3 introduces an advanced option to use text from PDF document for paper tray selection for specific pages. The page where the first occurrence of the search string is found will be printed from the tray defined in the “First page from” printer option. The rest of the pages will be printed from the “Remaining from” tray. This option saves users hours of manual page sorting when printing receipts, invoices, legal documents, and other paperwork


“The cost is very low compared to the power this app has,” says Mark Lenaerts of ZwartOpWit printing company in Herenthout, Belgium. “We produce thousands of prints every week and direct them to the right printers with the correct settings. To be able to make adjustments in one place for every workflow is easy and efficient.”


BatchOutput PDF helps users eliminate countless repetitive tasks of opening PDF files and adjusting print settings manually by bypassing the print dialog.


Key features:

  • Print PDFs automatically from hot folders
  • Create hot folders for different print settings
  • Specify password for encrypted PDFs
  • Detailed output history
  • Save time and hassle of printing each PDF manually


BatchOutput PDF can be purchased from Zevrix website for $24.95 USD (Server version $99.95), as well as from Mac App Store and authorized resellers. The update is free for licensed users of version 2. Trial is also available for download.

Artifex to Showcase SmartOffice at 2020 RSAC

Artifex Software, Inc. will be exhibiting at the upcoming 2020 RSA Conference at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, CA on February 24 till 27, booth #4224 North Hall.



SmartOffice is a lightweight and easy-to-use mobile document productivity suite.  User can view, edit, create, print, present and share Microsoft Office and PDF documents via their mobile device. SmartOffice is designed to provide an intuitive easy-to-use mobile workflow, perfect for today’s on-the-go society. New features include PDF form filling, full-screen viewing mode, and support for footnotes and endnotes. Additional advanced features are slated for release later in the year.


Artifex will showcase how organizations rely on SmartOffice to empower their mobile workforce. SmartOffice offers a variety of solutions that can be securely incorporated into a document workflow platform. The SmartOffice SDK seamlessly and securely integrates with EFSS, MDM or EMM environments, while the SmartOffice App can be wrapped within an enterprise security platform.


“In 2019 alone, over 4 billion records were exposed due to data breaches, so taking measures to prevent a breach in today’s increasingly mobile work environment is critical to an organization’s security,” said Miles Jones, President of Artifex. “Mobile workforces need to conduct their work efficiently, while Enterprise IT departments must be diligent in securing their networks. The SmartOffice SDK makes it easy to incorporate these essential work functions into enterprise security platforms. We like to refer to SmartOffice as the securable alternative to MS Office for mobile.”


SmartOffice SDK provides all the functionality and features of our SmartOffice app, easily secured within an enterprise’s encrypted network. Enterprise IT departments can prevent data breaches via SmartOffice SDK’s controlled access permission tools and customizable document editing controls, that extend down to the user or document level. Enterprise information is secured while employees are empowered to work with their MS Office and PDF documents while on-the-go.


“SmartOffice makes tremendous sense for mobile platform companies and organizations looking for a securable document viewing/editing tool for mobile deployment,”said Lisa Fenn, Director of Marketing for Artifex. “SmartOffice’s small footprint is well suited for mobile devices and was designed to integrate within enterprise security platforms. In addition, SmartOffice is fully functional without Internet connectivity. Files can be saved and edited locally with no Internet dependency. Not only does SmartOffice seamlessly support MS Office documents, but it also provides the added benefit of PDF viewing and annotation capabilities.”


For a demo of SmartOffice, please visit the Artifex booth #4224 Moscone Center, North Hall. Or, contact Artifex Software online.

InterConneX Updated and Now Available

Econ Technologies, Inc releases InterConneX 2.0.1, the file sharing and management App for iOS. The latest InterConneX offers better support for Dynamic Type font sizes that can be configured in iOS. Beyond the obvious changes, many minor issues have been resolved to make InterConneX more reliable. Some minor cloud-based connection problems have been resolved and some rare crashes have been rectified.


InterConneX is a great to manage files on your iPad as the multi-tasking support for ‘Split View’ or ‘Slide Over’ makes Dragging & Dropping files between sharespaces in order to copy items to your Mac or cloud storage buckets.


Duilio Proni, President of Econ Technologies, Inc. said “Now that the iPad Pro is a viable laptop replacement for everyday use, InterConneX simplifies handing off your files between Macs, iPads and iPhones.”


InterConneX is a file management & storage app for iOS that enables you to control & share all your files & folders in one location. Share files with other iOS devices running InterConneX or share files with Macs running ChronoSync or ChronoAgent. The lineup of InterConneX, ChronoSync, and ChronoAgent links your files between iPhone, iPad, and Mac while harnessing the power of Backblaze B2, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and SFTP Servers. Try InterConneX for free. The first 3 sharespaces are free. If you need more, add unlimited sharespaces for $9.99 (USD).

LinkOptimizer Can Now Scale Layer Styles in Photoshop

Zevrix Solutions announces LinkOptimizer 5.4.6, an update to the workflow automation tool for Adobe InDesign. LinkOptimizer automates complex image manipulation tasks and allows users to significantly reduce the size of InDesign links, save processing time, and reduce production costs.



LinkOptimizer 5.4.6 adds support to the Scale Style option in Photoshop that allows to scale the layer effects in the resized image. This feature lets LinkOptimizer users retain the original layer structure of optimized InDesign links instead of having to merge image layers during processing. Photoshop layers had to be merged in previous versions of the plug-in to preserve the proportional appearance of drop shadows, bevels, overlays and other layer effects.


“Today LinkOptimizer batched a huge book project and another magazine project in minutes vs. hours. Now I can take the afternoon off and drink beer,” says Brian Donahue, owner of Bedesign studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “Thanks for freeing up my afternoon, rather than doing production work.”


LinkOptimizer works with Photoshop to perform essential image adjustments, convert image formats, and eliminate the excess image data of InDesign links.



  • Process dozens of InDesign files
  • Scale and crop images to match their dimensions in InDesign
  • Change their resolution to 300 dpi
  • Convert RGB images to a CMYK profile
  • Resave PNG files as TIFF
  • Run a Photoshop action on each image.


LinkOptimizer reimports images to InDesign at 100% in their precise position at the end of processing . As a result, users can save gigabytes of disk space, accelerate document output, reduce job turnaround and cut costs through faster processing.


LinkOptimizer can be purchased from Zevrix website for $259.95 USD (Light version: $179.95) as well as from Adobe Exchange and authorized resellers. Trial is also available for download.

Mailbutler Adds Outlook Add-in to Boost Productivity

Mailbutler is now available for Microsoft Outlook. After having been requested by many Outlook users, the extension can finally be downloaded in the Microsoft app store (AppSource) or through the Mailbutler website. The extension offers an easy way to have a more powerful inbox and optimize workflow. The add-in works just like the one that was already available for Apple Mail and Gmail users – it’s a timesaving tool that includes features such as tracking details, follow up reminders, scheduling, message templates and more.



Key features:

  • Tracking: turn on read receipts to find out if, when and where your email or link was opened
  • Send Later: compose emails ahead of time and schedule them to be sent at a specific date and time
  • Signatures: create professional signatures with templates for you and your team
  • Message Templates: save time by using pre-written messages
  • Integrations: sync emails to your favorite project manager and productivity tools


Tobias Knobl, CEO and co-founder of Mailbutler said: “Over the years we have been asked plenty of times to make Mailbutler available for Outlook users. We have worked hard on making this happen and are grateful for the support coming our way. Writing emails is indispensable nowadays and can be a hassle. Mailbutler’s features allow you to minimize the amount of time spend in your inbox.”


Users can choose between three different types of subscriptions. Mailbutler Essential: Free, up to 30 actions for Professional and Business Features Mailbutler Professional: starting at Euro 6.50 per month, unlimited Professional features and up to 30 actions for Business features.


WinX Free DVD Ripper for Mac Geared Up

Digiarty Software announces that WinX Free DVD Ripper for Mac is ready to work on Apple’s rack-mountable Mac Pro. This program will help rip DVDs to MOV, MP4, or other file formats easy archiving and playback.


Rack-mount Mac Pro is now available to order, starting from $6,499. Quite expensive as this computer is, it is “extreme in every way”, described in Apple’s official website. The base model is configured with 3.5GHz 8 core Intel Xeon W CPU, Turbo Boost up to 4.0GHz, 32GB (4x8GB) of DDR4 ECC memory, Radeon Pro 580X GPU with 8GB of GDDR5 memory, and 256GB SSD storage. And the top model, costing $54,048, comes with 2.5GHz 28 core Intel Xeon W processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.4GHz, 1.5TB (12x128GB) of DDR4 ECC memory, Two Radeon Pro Vega II Duo with 2x32GB of HBM2 memory each, and 8TB SSD storage.


This Mac is created for professionals to do production rendering and other heavy-duty tasks. WinX Free DVD Ripper for Mac can rip DVD on this Mac Pro at super fast speed. This is because it supports using multi-core CPU and Intel/NVIDIA-powered GPU hardware acceleration to boost the speed of DVD decoding, processing, and encoding. This large-capacity computer can store a lot of titles.


Main Features:

  • Rip homemade and purchased DVDs to MKV, MP4 (H.264/HEVC), MOV, ISO image, MP3, etc. ISO file and VIDEO_TS folder can also be converted to those popular formats.
  • Rip DVD to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iTunes, iDVD, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Samsung, Huawei, Xbox, PS4, YouTube, and more platforms.
  • Backup DVD to ISO image or VIDEO_TS folder at 1:1 ratio, and then save them to the computer or somewhere.
  • Edit before delivering output file: cut off trailers, ads, tidbits, or any unwanted parts to reduce file size; crop image; disable subtitle; add external subtitle; use forced subtitle; merge multiple titles into a single file; deinterlace video; adjust video audio parameters such as resolution and bit rate.


WinX Free DVD Ripper for Mac is fully compatible with macOS Catalina, Mojave, and lower systems. It can also work on iMac Pro, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air as long as the OS is supported.