Wake Up Refreshed With Sleep Crusher Alarm for iOS

Jarig Duval has released the ultimate new wake-up alarm, Sleep Crusher. The app consolidates the best features of Duval’s previous alarm clock apps, assured to wake even the heaviest sleepers, while adding multiple wake-up missions to improve wellness in everyone’s morning routine. Sleep Crusher is available now on iOS in the App Store.



“Jumping out of bed ready to start the day is not a reality for some of us. Having a little help from the digital friend on our nightstand can go a long way,” says Jarig Duval, the app’s developer. “The strategy is to take all the wake-up tricks we know, then combine and randomize them daily so your brain never gets used to any one routine. That’s why Sleep Crusher works while other alarms fail you over time.”


Once the alarm wakes you using ringtones, text read aloud, or music at customizable volume, the real innovation begins. Wake-up missions involve simple tasks that force you out of bed, like scanning the barcode on a tube of toothpaste, or activate higher brain functions, like playing a simple memory game. Fail to do the mission, and the alarm blares again. Missions are fun and randomized to prevent the brain from learning a routine, and are all based on established methods focused on keeping the brain awake.


“At this point, you’re probably thinking of many excuses to get out of your New Year’s resolution to wake up on time. You’ll just turn the alarm off the night before, or maybe your spouse won’t like it,” notes Duval. “Sleep Crusher has solutions for those, too. Alarms are lockable, and there is a special ‘Don’t Wake my Spouse’ mode!”


The app is not only focused on waking up, but also offers features that help users get to bed on time.  The Bedtime Reminder feature will shoot a notification with a custom message when it is time to go to sleep. If those custom messages are too nice, the optional Bedtime Enforcer will display a notification after bedtime if the device is moved, warning the user of the health risks related to sleep deprivation.


“This app is very personal,” says Duval. “I’ve faced this problem head on for nearly a decade, through college, work, marriage, and kids. My struggle to wake up–and get up refreshed–is going to help so many people just like me.”


Sleep Crusher works on any device running iOS 11.2 or newer, and is available now as a free download from the App Store. An in-app purchase, discounted to $0.99 in the month of January only, removes ads.

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