GoNGet Apps For Hiring The Best Talent

U.S. Publications, Inc. releases GoNGet for iOS and Android. GoNGet makes it easy to get any work done by the right person with the right expertise. Need your driveway shoveled? Need your car detailed? Just post a job, list your price and professionals will start applying immediately. GoNGet User and GoNGet Service Provider apps is a match that works.



“It’s a pretty simple concept and we’ve made it even simpler to connect people,” Simon Gojcaj, president, U.S. Publications, Inc. says. “Our apps bridge the gap between people needing services and people providing services. It’s kind of like the Uber for errands and chores.”


Users post errands or projects, the GoNGet Service Provider app searches the GoNGet User app in his/her local area and contacts the user directly to work out the details. The chat feature allows for some back and forth negotiation, if needed, and the user can hire on the spot. The service provider receives payment after the job is complete.


Both GoNGet apps (GoNGet 1.1) are free and available through the App Store in the Business category. There is no subscription or dues required. The user is in control. It’s like having a personal assistant at your fingertips – just tap the app. There are also apps available on Google Play.

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