SongOwl Gives Users Many Ways to See Music Collection

Independent developer, Mike Clay announces the release of SongOwl 1.0, his new Apple Music library manager/player for iOS. SongOwl approaches navigation in a non-linear way that allows users to configure grouping and sorting options for each view in over 100 different ways. When user saves these preferences, they are stored in sequence as a reusable navigation pattern called a “Path”. You can even “seed” paths with specific collections, turning basically anything into it’s own mini-library. For instance, you could create a path specifically for The Beatles which shows albums followed by composers, allowing you to split Lennon from McCartney.



“One of Apple Music’s best features is the ability to build this awesome library,” explains SongOwl developer Mike Clay, “but it doesn’t feel very good to actually use it. There’s so many other things they have to accomplish in that app that there just isn’t much space left.” Despite having launched a successful music player before, Clay says it’s a challenge he hadn’t previously tackled directly. “When I started Cs [Music Player] all the third party options adopted pretty much the same basic structure as the stock player. You had to have an Artists tab and a Playlists tab, etc. When Apple Music came out, that pushed a lot of users my way – seeking out that classic interface. But it’s a lot of baggage; I never really took a step back and asked if there was a better way to approach this.”


Users can “snapshot” any library view as a favorite, to be quickly accessed from a dedicated tab. “I tend to obsess a little bit when I find a new band or song, and I listen again and again,” says Clay. “so I live in the Favorites tab, because it keeps that stuff a single tap away.” Users can easily filter out songs that aren’t on their device or safe for work, set a custom theme color, and even preview tracks without interrupting their existing playback queues.


SongOwl 1.0 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.


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