Free Imposition Software for Adobe InDesign

Meadows Publishing Solutions releases Meadows Productivity Suite software, a completely Free set of software tools for Adobe InDesign. Designed to streamline multi-up impositions, and other publishing tasks. It is now compatible with all Adobe InDesign 2020 and macOS Catalina systems.



The MPS Pro Suite includes an advanced multi-up imposition utility, allowing users to create multi-up imposition layouts of graphics, PDF files, or InDesign documents. The process is driven by a user interface that allows for the specification of trim size, bleed, spacing, and rotation of the imposed elements.


As the imposed elements are placed, crop and bleed marks can also be added automatically, and assigned to InDesign layers as they are created. For two-page impositions, the user can choose from one of several duplex modes, which ensures the imposed content will back up properly when printed. Control over content placement and fitting is also provided via a set of preference options.


For a free copy of the MPS Pro Suite, users simply visit the Meadows web site and fill in the registration form. A confirmation email is then sent with all of the download details. Please visit our online press center for logos, images, and product information. For more information, please contact John Kriho, President, Meadows Publishing Solutions.

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