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Moth Software Updates Mail Archiver X 5.2 With More Languages

Moth Software announces Mail Archiver X 5.2 for macOS. This update serves as a companion to the user’s current email client, allowing consolidation, archiving, and permanent storage of emails. Emails may be saved in the application’s native database format, Evernote, Filemaker, or PDF.



When archiving emails from a variety of email applications into a single database, the app prevents accidental deletions, facilitates quick searches, and eliminates the storage size limits. By saving emails in a single, standardized format, users are ensured that they can read all their emails, even those from legacy applications, from which they have subsequently migrated. Following the archiving process, users may browse or search from the Mail Archiver X viewer.


New Features:

  • French, Italian and Spanish localisations have been added
  • Archiving Gmail emails from AppleMail is much faster
  • The interface has been modernised
  • Archiving from IMAP accounts with a date range is much faster
  • Emails can be coloured for AppleMail instead of moving them to the trash
  • Mail Archiver no longer needs to stay in front when archiving to Filemaker

Feature Highlights:

  • An ideal email management and archive solution
  • Protect and save all emails in a single archive folder
  • Archives emails from the following formats: Mail, Outlook, Postbox, Powermail, Thunderbird, and standard mbox
  • Exports emails to the following formats: Internal Database, Evernote, Filemaker, PDF, mbox, or Text
  • Built-in email database browser
  • Filemaker support, when using the Filemaker Version 18 or higher archive


Mail Archiver X 5.2 costs $44.95 (USD) and is available directly from Moth Software. A free, fully-functional, 10-day trial version can be downloaded. Mail Archiver X 5.2 comes with a 30-day, money back guarantee.

Output Factory for Improves Print Queue Job Managing

Zevrix Solutions releases Output Factory 2.4.23, an update to  batch output automation solution for Adobe InDesign. Awarded 5 stars by InDesign Magazine, Output Factory lets printers, ad agencies, and publishing houses worldwide automate and simplify their output workflow and repurpose InDesign files for the web and mobile devices.



This version fixes an issue that could prevent users from renaming InDesign jobs in printing queue on macOS Mojave and later. This feature lets users split print jobs into multiple pages while automatically naming each of them using variable tokens. Print professionals harness this option to better describe output jobs with user-defined names in order simplify and streamline the print queue management.


“Output Factory has been the single biggest time-saver I’ve encountered in ten years of print production,” says Mike Agate, Head of Production of Which?, Europe’s largest consumer rights organization. “Easily saves hours a week, producing bullet-proof documents over and over… With the reduction in head count and efficiency savings, it must have paid for itself 500 times over.”


Output Factory users only need to select InDesign files, adjust workflow settings, and the software will do the rest. Built-in preflighting ensures that no output errors will be left unnoticed. The program supports all popular output formats.


Key features:

  • Output multiple InDesign files with a single click
    Supports print, PDF, PostScript, EPS, TIFF, HTML and other formats
    Export as single pages
    Layer versioning
    Output to several formats at once
    Variable output file names
    Automatic preflight
    Send output files to FTP and other servers


Output Factory can be purchased from Zevrix website for $170 USD (Lite version $120), as well as from authorized resellers and Adobe Exchange. Trial is also available for download. The update is free for the users of Output Factory 2.x, and $85 to upgrade from Output Factory 1.x and BatchOutput.

Shadowgun War Games Reaches Downloads of One Million

MADFINGER Games announces that their latest hit, Shadowgun War Games, has reached the one million download milestone within two weeks of launch. Made with Unity, the fast-paced hero shooter has also quickly developed a loyal fanbase and received great feedback from the community.



“We’re delighted that Shadowgun War Games has made such an instant impact,” said Marek Rabas, CEO of MADFINGER Games. “MADFINGER Games is renowned for stunning visuals and outstanding gameplay experiences, which have received worldwide acclaim. One million downloads is an outstanding result for us in such a short timespan. We’ve got plenty of exciting content coming up for players, so we expect that the figure will grow substantially over the foreseeable future.”


Shadowgun War Games is a tactical FPS with incredible graphics and intense 5v5 battles. Users choose from a gallery of heroes, each with unique personalities and skills to match their play style. With quick pick-up-and-play action, Shadowgun War Games offers truly console-quality team-based action for everyone with access to a mobile device. Shadowgun is available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play Store in the games categories.

HoudahGeo Updated – Photo geotagging for JPEG, RAW and Apple Photos 

Houdah Software announces HoudahGeo 6.0, a major upgrade to the photo geotagging tool for Mac. This app tags photos with location coordinates, names, and related metadata. It’s been 4 years since the release of HoudahGeo 5.0.


These 4 years allowed for many ideas and feature requests to pile up. It took almost a year to turn these ideas into HoudahGeo 6.0. At the end of the process, an exceptionally large upgrade has emerged. HoudahGeo 6.0 brings several major new features and countless enhancements that streamline many tasks in the geocoding workflow.


Customers will be glad to see HoudahGeo 6.0 support JPEG RAW pairs. Many digital cameras can save two versions of the same image. One JPEG file and one RAW file. HoudahGeo recognizes such pairs and handles them as a single photo. HoudahGeo will write the same metadata to both files.


Our number onfeature request was to allow specifying the timezone used to write dates and times to EXIF/XMP metadata. Many forget to set their camera clock when traveling across time zones. As a result, photo metadata can show times that appear to be hours off. Users can now have HoudahGeo write dates and times using a time zone that will make times appear more natural or correct.


HoudahGeo 6.0 can help with migrating away from Apple Aperture and generally future-proof location metadata. It now imports more location data from the recesses of media libraries. It can then write that metadata to EXIF/XMP tags where it remains permanently bonded to image files. That metadata can be read by whichever photo catalog you migrate to after Aperture.


We have improved the built-in maps to show more information, be more interactive and make assigning and correcting location information even easier. Map pins can now reveal photo thumbnails. This allows for quick checks. Track logs can be clicked to find out at what time a point on the route was visited. HoudahGeo can now be asked to match a photo to such a point. It will then infer camera clock settings so it can geocode the remaining photos.


The reworked “Places” feature and the new “Lift & Stamp” tool adds, copies, and paste common location information and other metadata. For example, a place named “home” may be set up to add location names to photos without altering their exact coordinates. Similarly one can copy information such as description and keywords from one photo to other photos taken at the same location.


HoudahGeo 6.0 also adds support for weather and depth below water metadata tags. This information can be read from Kestrel weather log files and fromUDDF SCUBA dive logs.


HoudahGeo is used by travelers and professionals alike. Some use location information to organize and find photos. Some like to see and show photos “pinned” to map locations. Others need to add GPS coordinates to photos in order to assess roadwork damages, to record wildlife sightings, or to document environmental damages.


HoudahGeo makes it easy to geotag digital photos with GPS location information. It writes future-proof EXIF, XMP, and IPTC tags to JPEG and RAW image files. HoudahGeo works with JPEG RAW pairs and fulls supports XMP sidecar files.


HoudahGeo can load photos from Apple Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, and Adobe Lightroom Classic catalogs. HoudahGeo can then tag original image files and add location information to photos in Apple Photos, iPhoto, and Aperture libraries. This gives the users of Apple’s photo cataloging tools access to the many photo geocoding options HoudahGeo has to offer:


The map in HoudahGeo makes geocoding large batches of photos surprisingly easy. One just needs to make incremental adjustments between photos to account for the distance traveled. It takes but a nudge to the map and a click for each photo.


Geotagging photos serves two main purposes:

  • Archival: The EXIF and XMP geotags written by HoudahGeo create a permanent record of where a photo was taken. Photo management software like Apple Photos can then organize and find photos by location
  • Viewing and publishing: Location information adds to the “story” of a photo. See a bird’s-eye view of where you took your photos; the path taken to get to the location and from there to the next; the adventures between; the sights hidden from view


Geotagging writes location information to metadata tags within the original image files. This creates a permanent bond between a photo and the location where it was taken. HoudahGeo writes the same industry-standard EXIF and XMP as GPS-enabled cameras. Such geotags can be used by Apple Photos as well as other photo cataloging or publishing tools. Location information added in Apple Photos exists only within the library database. The original images remain unaltered. Only exported versions of the photo can be set to include geotags.


New in 6.0:

  • JPEG + RAW pairs: HoudahGeo treats JPEG + RAW pairs as a single photo
  • Time zone for EXIF / XMP export: Specify how dates and times should appear in image metadata
  • Media library import: HoudahGeo now imports much more location data from the recesses of media libraries
  • Aperture migration: Write imported metadata to image files for future-proof storage and to prepare migration
  •  XMP sidecar writing: Use, ignore, create; Set separate strategies for handling sidecars to JPEG and RAW files
  • Images needing export: Flags images where coordinates have changed or fail to match media library information
  • “Automagic” camera clock setup: HoudahGeo can infer camera clock setup from a photo placed on a track log
  • Enhanced “Places” feature: Configure individual places to apply only a subset of their properties to photos
  • Lift & stamp metadata: Grab coordinates and metadata from one image; Apply to other images
  • Support for weather data: Add weather information to your photos. HoudahGeo reads KESTREL weather log files
  • Support for SCUBA dive logs: Add “depth below water” information to your photos; HoudahGeo reads UDDF log files
  • Enhanced grid view: HoudahGeo can now show timestamps and coordinates along with image previews
  • Easy import from Apple Photos: Grab and import the current selection from the Photos application


HoudahGeo is available in English and German language versions. A full-featured trial version is available from the Houdah Software web site. HoudahGeo 6.0 is priced at $39 (USD) for a single-user license. A family license is available for $59. Upgrades are priced $24 and $36 respectively. HoudahGeo licenses purchased on or after August 1, 2019 qualify for a free upgrade. Licenses can be purchased from the Houdah Software store. Upgrade pricing is offer upon loading a previous license.

Updated LinkOptimizer Can Sharpen All Layers In Photoshop

Zevrix Solutions releases LinkOptimizer 5.4.10, an update to  workflow automation tool for Adobe InDesign. LinkOptimizer automates complex image manipulation tasks and allows users to reduce the size of InDesign links, save processing time, and reduce production costs.



This version can sharpen all image layers in Photoshop automatically without having to merge layers first in order to sharpen the entire image. It will only sharpen the relevant pixel layers while ignoring adjustment and fill layers. In addition, the update fixes an error that could happen when analyzing InDesign documents with Illustrator and PDF links, improves memory management, and removed the redundant option to run the app in full screen mode.


“This is the best extension I ever purchased for any design app,” says Wayne Guy of Edge Graphics in Van Nuys, California. “It saves hours of time, tediously replacing linked images, resizing and batch processing. If you’re a designer or production artist that works with large inDesign files with lots of images, like catalogs or magazines, you need this.”


LinkOptimizer works with Photoshop to reduce InDesign link size, convert image formats, and perform essential image adjustments.


Users can:

  • Optimize batches of InDesign files and books
  • Scale and crop images to match their dimensions in InDesign
  • Convert RGB images to CMYK
  • Change their resolution to 300 dpi
  • Resave PSD files as TIFF
  • Run a Photoshop action on each image


At the end of processing, it reimports images to InDesign at 100% in their precise position. As a result, users can save gigabytes of disk space, accelerate document output, reduce job turnaround and cut costs through faster processing.


LinkOptimizer can be purchased from Zevrix website for $259.95 USD (Light version: $179.95) as well as from Adobe Exchange and authorized resellers. Trial is also available for download. The update is free for LinkOptimizer 5.x users and $130 to upgrade from previous versions.

Creepy Little Monsters For iOS And Android

Independent developer, James Mole announces the global availability of Creepy Little Monsters, an adventurous arcade game for Android and iOS platforms. It is a fresh take on the challenging gamescape of the 80s and 90s. There are a total of 20 mind-blowing levels that are super fun and thrilling for the everyday gamer. With arcade style graphics, scary enemy monsters and tough levels, Creepy Little Monsters delivers the most captivating gaming experience.



Gamers will enjoy the overall dynamics of Creepy Little Monsters as it is completely Ad-free. Playing the game is tough and will force the user to repeatedly attempt and increase their chances to clear each level making it a very addictive title.


Key Features:

  • Arcade style graphics
  • Fast paced
  • Defeat scary monsters
  • Play 20 exciting levels filled with super tough challenges
  • Score points
  • No Ads
  • No pop-ups
  • Free to play
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Loaded with challenges


Creepy Little Monsters brings inspiration from the massive retro hit of the 80s – Zx spectrum. It is not very complicated as the controls are simple and intuitive, helping the character survive for longer to score more points and clear more levels. A game built with pure joy and bring happiness to the retro game lovers.


Creepy Little Monsters is GBP 0.99 and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store and Google Play Store in the Gaming category.

SessionRestore Has Been Updated for macOS 10.15

SweetP Productions, Inc. popular Safari advanced tab management extension, SessionRestore 2.0 has been updated with iCloud support for Mac to Mac syncing.  Save your browsing session, close all windows then start with a fresh session. It’s super easy to restore a session when ever you need it.



User can easily store any number of sessions with a quick button press. You can name sessions, and provide custom notes – so you don’t forget why you saved it in the first place! It’s possible to remove unneeded tabs or windows from saved sessions. You may also want to combine sessions. This is easy in SessionRestore’s powerful dedicated session editor.


With SessionRestore, you can visually identify sessions by screenshot. Each session includes a handy screenshot which quicklook enabled for an quickly recognizing important sessions. You backup your computer often, (well.. you should be) and now you can easily do the same with your browser tabs using SessionRestore. Go one step further, and save groups of tabs for instant retrieval anytime.



  • Fully configurable Autosave
  • iCloud support
  • Safari browsing session save and restore
  • Full session editing
  • Session metadata search (name/urls/notes)
  • Session screenshots for easy identification
  • Lightweight and Quick native Safari App Extension
  • Minimal Intuitive UI
  • Basic Safari Technology support


Built with the latest technologies, and integrated right in to Safari as an Extension, SessionRestore can help streamline how you manage and recall important websites.

SessionRestore 2.0 is $19.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category.

ChronoSync 4.9.9 Update Is Now Available

Econ Technologies announces ChronoSync 4.9.9, an update to  improve Google Cloud authentication experience when setting up the cloud connection for backup. Other changes improve stability and reliability when mounting disk images as well as some minor bug fixes. The ChronoAgent 1.9.7 update is released in parallel with ChronoSync to carryover the changes to the companion App.


Joseph Japes, Econ Technologies’ Marketing Director, said “Our customers come to expect frequent updates and maintenance releases.” He added, “They always praise our response to trouble reports and our policy of making updates free to all registered owners. It’s really a great benefit!”


ChronoSync update can be download immediately for free! If you don’t already own ChronoSync, download today and start the 15-day free trial to learn how ChronoSync is your best long-term backup investment for your Mac. If you need to backup or sync between two Macs, add ChronoAgent to experience more secure, reliable, and faster performance than just using standard file sharing.


ChronoSync, the multipurpose Mac App for local and cloud backup, bootable backup and folder synchronizing is designed to work on macOS 10.11 and newer. Full working trial licenses are available or purchase ChronoSync for $49.99.


ChronoAgent, the indispensable companion app to ChronoSync, runs on the destination Mac and connects directly to ChronoSync on the source Mac. Trial licenses are available or purchase ChronoAgent for $14.99. The ChronoSync to ChronoAgent connection provides a direct, high performance, and encrypted connection.