One million Users Noted With New Install Disk Creator

MacDaddy announces a new version of the free utility Install Disk Creator, recently passing the 1 million user, makes it easier to create a clean install of new and old macOS versions, and provides a method to downgrade from macOS Catalina to previous versions – an elusive task which has been made difficult in the latest macOS release.



“An ever increasing number of people want to have a bootable macOS USB stick installer on hand, for disaster recovery as well as having an easy way to reinstall macOS or make a clean install” said Benedict Slaney, CEO of MacDaddy. “With over a million users now, we are getting a lot of positive feedback from the community about the simplicity of the tool.”


macOS Catalina has made it harder to downgrade to an earlier version of macOS. If you download a Mojave version or earlier of the operating system, upon double clicking you are greeted with an error message stating: “This copy of ‘Install macOS’ application is too old to be opened in this version of macOS” and then it quits.


Some users¬† desire to downgrade the operating system. Install Disk Creator can just as easily make a bootable installer out of early macOS versions as later ones. Double click on it, and it will find and automatically select any version of macOS that is present. You can then proceed to boot of the newly created USB stick, and can even downgrade the version of macOS without performing a clean installation. Once booted, the installer allows you to install over the top of the existing operating system, even if it’s to install an earlier version over the top of a later version.


Install Disk Creator 1.4.1 is a free app. With one million happy users and positive reviews around the web, it’s worth giving a try to have a bootable USB stick on hand for if disaster strikes, or just to have the flexibility to run the operating system version that you prefer.

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