Clatters 1.0 for iOS – Monitor’s Brand on Social Media

Alexandre Colucci introduces Clatters 1.0, an app designed for iOS. Clatters makes it easy to monitor in one place a brand name, product name or any other keyword on social networks – Twitter, Reddit, HackerNews and even comments on the iOS App Store. Thanks to on-device sentiments analysis, users get insights into the audience emotions and can quickly take actions: retweet, like or reply with a predefined message.



Clatters makes it possible to effortlessly find posts containing media attachments or posts with negative sentiments. Users can pinpoint important posts for future access. Clatters fits right at home on iOS and iPadOS, whether you use Light Mode or Dark Mode, and leverages iOS best-in-class technologies such as accessibility with dynamic type and VoiceOver, iPad multitasking, 3D Touch, Spotlight and more.


Clatters 1.0 is free to download and use. It is available worldwide exclusively through the iOS App Store in the Social Networking category. Clatters Pro unlocks a range of advanced features and is an optional paid subscription. Monthly subscription: $2.99. Yearly subscription: $29.99 (USD).

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