MacDroid – File Transfer between Mac and Android

Electronic Team, Inc. announces MacDroid 1.0, new to the company’s macOS software lineup. MacDroid is a helpful addition to those who own and work with Mac or MacBook computer and an Android phone. The two devices cannot natively have the data transferred between each other, hence there is a need for an interface that will simplify matters.



With MacDroid one can connect an Android to their Mac and transfer photographs, music, videos as well as entire folders between computer and device. An Android device has to be connected to the computer with a USB cable.



  • Allows mounting internal and external Android storages
  • One can edit Android files on Mac without moving them to computer
  • Doesn’t need any additional plugins or extensions
  • Supports all Android and MTP devices


MacDroid offers two connection modes to its users – MTP and ADB. ADB mode is recommended by the developers of the app as it offers stability and efficient speed of data transfer. MTP connection is somewhat easier and more versatile. It actually allows connecting other devices, that might not be running Android OS, but as long as they support MTP connection, one can transfer files from them too. Such devices as MP3 players or cameras can connect in MTP mode.


MacDroid 1.0 can be obtained from the developer’s website. The free MacDroid allows file transfer from Android to Mac. The PRO version allows file transfer from Android to Mac and from Mac to Android with the possibility to edit Android files on Mac without having to actually save them on computer. Download MacDroid is sold as an annual subscription with auto-renewal and costs $19.99 (USD) per year.

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