ConnectSocial – Safe Social Media with New Features

ConnectSocial Inc. recently added useful features to their top-rated social app, ConnectSocial, a highly secure social platform for users. In addition to introducing single-step sign-in for existing Google accounts, the app now includes an in-built lock mechanism to keep conversations safe. Free HD video and audio calls have also been introduced to enable seamless connectivity for users across the globe without any fear of eavesdropping. Other new introductions include a helpful group chat feature and voice messages enabled for both personal and group chats.



“ConnectSocial is all about the freedom of expression. Our primary aim behind ConnectSocial is to give our users a safe and secure social platform that allows them to be themselves without worrying about their data or privacy. That’s why we pay utmost attention to security while also enabling the users to control their feed. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from enriching the app with latest features that make it even more intuitive to use, such as group chats, voice messages, and HD Video and Audio calls, in addition to the premium networking and ride-sharing options,” says Tariku Bogale, Founder of ConnectSocial Inc, responsible for developing the ConnectSocial app. “The newly added features are based on feedback received from hundreds of ConnectSocial users, ConnectSocial is continually striving to improve customer experience and make social interactions in the virtual world highly secure.”


The added features enable ConnectSocial app users to sign-in with their Google IDs, use a screen lock, send and receive voice notes, make high-quality audio and HD video calls to other users on their network, and also simultaneously chat with multiple people within groups for more transparency.


Added Features:

  • Free audio calls between ConnectSocial app users without any fear of eavesdropping
  • HD Video calling between users in a secure environment. Users can also switch between audio and video during a call
  • Secure, single-step login that enables users to sign up with their existing Google credentials
  • An application lock that uses the device’s Touch or Face ID on which it is used
  • Voice messages added to both group and individual chats
  • Secure group chat with features like clear chat, leave group, group details, delete messages, etc., to give users full control over their conversations


ConnectSocial is a social platform that is entirely ad-free and pays utmost attention to user privacy and security while enabling real-time interactions. Users can chat, call, and exchange messages without their data being shared with anyone. The app also does its bit for the environment by creating shared rides that save money and fuel.


ConnectSocial: Secure Network 3.5 is currently available at both Apple Store and Google Play store under the Social Networking and Social categories respectively. The app offers a yearly subscription at only $7.99. A free 30-day trial is available for new users.

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