HistoryHound searches History and Bookmarks in Multi-Browsers

St. Clair Software releases HistoryHound 2.1.1 for macOS. It lets you search the content of all web sites you’ve visited recently, plus all the pages you’ve bookmarked. It’s a “personal web search.” Just type in a few words that you remember reading and HistoryHound will give you a list of pages you’ve viewed recently, ranked by relevance. You don’t have to remember the title of the page, which browser you were using at the time, or when you saw it – HistoryHound will find it for you. With respects to your privacy, indexing and searching is all done locally on your Mac, not in the Cloud.


This version adds support for Microsoft’s Edge browser and improves its indexing engine so it scans pages faster and more accurately. For existing users who want to use the recently-added capability to search for exact phrases, this also significantly cuts the time needed to rebuild your search index, a step that is necessary to add the feature. Also, a number of issues and bugs have been corrected.


HistoryHound 2.1.1 is a free update for existing HistoryHound users. It costs $14.95 (USD) for new users. Please see the St. Clair Software web site for screenshots, a full change log, and additional feature information.

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