OodyMate Empowers People to Eat Like a Local

CrossAxis Inc. announces OodyMate 3.1.1, an update to their social travel app developed for all travelers. This app provides the opportunity to meet other foodies, anywhere in the world. OodyMate is not an itinerary recommendation app, nor is it a dating app. Female solo travelers with safety concerns can request to meet with other women only.



For vegan travelers, there is also the option to connect with other vegans. OodyMate leverages the power of community to help travelers around the world. How do you find a good place to eat without spending hours researching online or ending up at a tourist trap? If you don’t speak the local language, the chances of finding somewhere that provides a truly authentic dining experience are reduced even further.


The app’s innovative matching system allows users to eat like a local. After downloading the app, users can browse through the list of open requests and locals in every city. Posted OodyMeet (open request) will remain on the list for other users to see. Once there is a match, start chatting to get to know each other and coordinate the meeting. Travelers using the app can choose in advance if they want to split the check with a local or pay for their host’s meal in exchange for being introduced to a good dining establishment.


OodyMate 3.1.1 is completely free of charge (free from advertisements) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Travel category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

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