Duplicacy: The lock-free Deduplication Backup Tool Has a New Web Interface

Acrosync LLC today announces Duplicacy Web Edition 1.2.1, a web interface for the open-source backup tool Duplicacy. Duplicacy is the most advanced backup tool, offering 3 unparalleled features that can’t be found in any other backup tools.


Duplicacy takes a unique database-less approach where every chunk is saved independently using its hash as the file name to facilitate quick lookups. The removal of a centralized chunk database means Duplicacy is more robust and less error-prone, and this design makes implementing advanced features much easier.


Duplicacy is the only deduplication backup tool that allows multiple computers to back up to the same cloud storage, taking advantage of cross-computer deduplication without direct communication between them. In a large-scale deployment, this feature is essential for minimizing the cost of network bandwidth and storage, as well as maximizing backup speeds.


Duplicacy is a novel technology called Lock-Free Deduplication, which works by relying on the basic file system API to manage deduplicated chunks without using any locks. A two-step fossil collection algorithm is devised to solve the fundamental problem of deleting unreferenced chunks under the lock-free condition, making the deletion of old backups possible. Lock-Free Deduplication not only enables the data-baseless approach and cross-computer deduplication, but also brings other important benefits, such as allowing a prune job to run in parallel with multiple backup jobs.


In addition, Duplicacy users can now effortlessly set up backup, copy, check, and prune jobs that will reliably protect important data while making the most efficient use of local or cloud storage space. The intuitive dashboard presents several statistical charts providing insights into the overall health of backups and storages.


A personal license for Duplicacy Web Edition costs $20.00 (USD) for one computer for the first year and $5.00 (USD) per year afterwards. The commercial costs $50.00 per computer per year.

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