Brush Up Your Soccer Skills With Fans Of Soccer: Disc Football

OM Entertainment’s Fans of Soccer: Disc Football 1.0.11, which bagged the Best Sports Game title in the 4th International Mobile Game Awards for the Middle East and North Africa, has been updated with new features like World Cup and New Events. Now, users can enter thrilling matches against worldwide competitors and also win exciting rewards for every achievement in the game.



Always wished to be a soccer star? With a thrilling soccer-themed disc game – Fans of Soccer – built by OM Entertainment, a games and entertainment company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Powered with eye-catching and extremely immersive graphics, the app has garnered over [number] users within a few months of its launch. Most fans find themselves addicted to the progressive gameplay that includes one-on-one matches, a World Cup, and various team-based and individual tournaments that are also highly rewarding.


“Soccer is a rewarding game that exercises the brain and the body. No wonder, soccer superstars need a lot of physical exercises as well as mental alacrity. That’s also why we created Fans of Soccer, a mini soccer-themed game that provides hours of fun while provoking users to plan and strategize their moves across progressive levels of complexity to establish their prowess as a soccer player,” explains Omar Alsuwailem, Founder of OM Entertainment.


The amazing graphics, engaging gameplay, individual and group tournaments, worldwide leaderboards have made this game extremely popular with users. However, OM Entertainment decided to offer more to its loyal users by improving their gaming through new features that include challenges at every level, new superpowers to boost scores, World Cup and New Events for thrilling matches, and Championship and World Cup Leaderboards that applaud the best players and also serve as motivation for the others.


Fans of Soccer simulates various soccer tournaments and leagues while allowing players to enter multiple tournaments, play one-on-one, and even decide whether they wish to play attack or defense. Instead of the blood and gore or mindless running, it encourages users to put their brains at work and make their dream of becoming a soccer superstar real.


Features of the game:

  • Soccer-themed disc game with progressive levels
  • Play with friends or opponents from across the globe
  • Be a part of multiple matches of different durations
  • Enjoy short mini-games to get your daily dose of soccer excitement
  • Enter tournaments, new events, and the World Cup, and win exciting prizes after every achievement
  • Earn superpowers to boost your score and improve your chances of winning
  • Feature on Championship and World Cup Leaderboards and enjoy the satisfaction of winning from worthy opponents
  • Enjoy multi-level gameplay allows you to play attack or defense – enjoying every aspect of the game on your mobile


Are you ready to be the soccer superstar you always wished to be? Try Fans of Soccer to polish your game or simply enjoy some Soccer fun, as and when you please.


Fans of Soccer: Disc Football 1.0.11 is available for Free with In-App purchases on the App Store in the Games category and also version 1.0.12 available for Free with In-App purchases on Google Play in the Sports category.

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