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Output Factory Lets Users Share Workflow Actions

Zevrix Solutions announces Output Factory 2.4.24, a feature update to company’s output automation plug-in for Adobe InDesign. Output Factory automates and simplifies workflows of printers, prepress houses, publishers, and design agencies worldwide. The software helps eliminate repetitive tasks and costly errors through batch processing, automatic preflighting, and time-saving output options.



Output Factory 2.4.24 introduces the ability to easily share Output Factory workflow actions between users by exporting and importing them directly from an application menu. Actions is a powerful component of the plug-in that allows users to sequences of workflows in order to output InDesign files to multiple formats with one click. For example, users can create an action that will output a batch of InDesign document to Pdf, print, TIFF and EPUB with just a press of a button.


“I want to say how valuable and useful Output Factory has been for our company,” says Ed Saye, studio manager at Blue Sky Agency in Atlanta, Georgia. “The folks that use it are delighted to have a way to automate so much repetitive work in a consistent and organized way.”


Key features:

  • Batch output of InDesign files
  • Export page groups as a single files
  • Variable output file names
  • Output files to multiple formats with one click
  • Layer versioning: output layer combinations as single files
  • Create PDF security presets
  • Eliminate errors with automatic preflight
  • Send output files to FTP and other servers


Output Factory can be purchased from Zevrix website for $170 USD (Lite version $120), as well as from authorized resellers and Adobe Exchange. Trial is also available for download. The update is free for the users of Output Factory 2.x, and $85 to upgrade from Output Factory 1.x and BatchOutput.

Collabspace – For Social Media Creators to Collaborate

Collabspace, Inc., announces the launch of the latest version of its cross-platform collaboration app for social media content creators, Collabspace 2.5 for iOS and Android. The app enables thousands of online content creators, influencers, and freelancers to collaborate and keep their audiences growing around the world.


The Collabspace team realized that with social media becoming the new reality for modern communication, millions of Creators, artists, influencers and podcasters are creating engaging and educational content on YouTube, Instagram, and other digital platforms every day, but not all content creators easily develop huge audiences. This app provides a solution so that in addition to creating great content on a consistent basis, content creators can more easily engage in self-marketing through collaboration and cross-promotion.


“One of the most effective strategies for audience growth is to collaborate with other Creators. In fact, YouTube itself has said that ‘Collaborations can be a powerful way to reach new viewers [and] forge connections to find a broader audience.’ Yet many Creators don’t know how to find collabs on YouTube or Instagram to help them grow,” explains Daniel McKenzie, Founder of Collabspace.


To make it easier, the new Collabspace app has created an online community where creators can post projects, find paid creative freelancing gigs, and connect with nearby creators. The app is powered by intuitive search and discovery features that include powerful filters so users can easily find collaboration opportunities matching their own unique style and content. Each day, the app automatically searches through the global Collabspace community to send users personalized potential matches for new collab opportunities.


Also including, content creators can also use Collabspace to find paid creative freelancing gigs, make plans to attend industry events and meet-ups, respond to posted projects, join local groups of content creators, and browse the Collabspace leaderboards all within a dynamic community designed to accelerate creative networking and expression.


Key features:

  • Daily suggested potential collab matches.
    Project postings inviting creators to collaborate on specific ideas.
    Local groups to connect with nearby content creators.
    Ability to send or request paid offers for creative freelancing gigs.
    Advanced filters to discover customized collab opportunities.


“Collabspace is a revolutionary platform that has been designed for creators in any niche. The platform brings content creators together to collaborate and share ideas, which is one of the best ways to create dynamic content that audiences love. The idea of collaboration itself includes an element of organic marketing, based on cross-promotion, which helps content creators increase their followers by cross-pollinating audiences and generating fresh ideas,” explains Daniel. “Our app is aimed at bringing the digital creative community together so creators can join hands in producing influential content and propel each other’s growth across social media through creative collaboration,” he adds.


Collabspace proves to be a useful platform to connect with other creators, collaborate, and tap into new strategies for building audiences around the world.


Collabspace 2.5 is free and is available worldwide through the App Store in the Social Networking category. Pro and Elite subscriptions are available as a convenient in-app purchase.

Customize and Enhance the macOS Mouse Pointer with Pro Mouse

Independent developer, Alec Summers announces Pro Mouse 1.4, an update to his mouse enhancement tool for macOS. Pro Mouse allows users to run demos, presentations, and tutorials like a pro by customizing and enhancing the Mac’s mouse pointer to bring focus to what matters. Pro Mouse allows users to quickly locate the mouse pointer, draw anywhere on the screen, zoom into any location, and highlight portions of the screen.



This app is a standalone macOS utility that runs in the background until needed. Pro Mouse allows users to quickly locate their mouse pointer on-screen, thanks to the app’s customizable mouse halo, which can be customized to change the halo’s color, size, and thickness.


“Pro Mouse helps users make their presentations stand out. Gone are the days of losing your mouse cursor on screen or being unable to easily focus attention on important information,” says Alec Summers, developer of Pro Mouse. “Now users can draw on screen to highlight important areas on the display, zoom in to better show even the smallest details, and customize your Mouse Halo.”



  • Customize the Mouse Halo’s Color, Size & Thickness
  • Draw anywhere on the screen
  • Zoom in on even the smallest of details
  • Highlight part of the screen to bring focus on what matters with Searchlight
  • Customize the pen’s color and thickness
  • Set Hot Keys to enable certain Pro Mouse features
  • Automatically hide Halo after inactivity option
  • Automatically clear drawing(s)
  • Quickly enable/disable Pro Mouse straight from the status bar
  • Works across full screen apps and multiple displays
  • Works with conference call software such as Zoom and Google Hangouts
  • Works with screen capture apps
  • Specify any key combo for shortcuts to turn on/off Pro Mouse features with a keyboard shortcut
  • Preference panels to help navigate all the available settings
  • Users can launch the app with the last on/off states.


This app will have your audience following your every click. It’s easy to highlight what matters in your presentations, tutorials, and demos, even on video conference calls. Using Pro Mouse’s drawing capabilities, you can draw on the screen, then clear the drawings with a click of a button.


Pro Mouse’s live tracking Zoom and Searchlight features allow users to emphasize specific areas of the screen, even over video. No matter if you’re on a video conference call, using a full screen app, or using multiple displays, Pro Mouse works with them all.


You can customized the Mouse Halo’s and the pen’s color, size, and thickness. Users can set custom hot keys to enable certain Mouse Pro features. This app can quickly be enabled or disabled from the Mac’s status bar.


New in Version 1.4:

  • Fixed issue some users were reporting with external displays
  • Adjusted limits on the size of the mouse halo
  • Added option to ‘fill’ the halo to make it a solid color
  • Users can now switch off all Pro Mouse features with 1 click from the menu item
  • Added Portuguese localization


“We don’t collect and/or store your data, period. That’s our one sentence Privacy Policy,” continues Alec. “We don’t track or record our users’ on-screen actions, and never save any identifying information.”


Pro Mouse 1.4 is only $3.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Utilities category. Redeem codes are available to journalists from the developer upon request.

Output Factory Server Update Improves XMP Metadata Handling

Zevrix Solutions announces Output Factory Server 2.2.15, an update to the company’s output automation solution for Adobe InDesign. The software automates InDesign production workflow for workgroups by processing files from hot folders. It offloads printing and exporting from InDesign to a central system leaving operator workstations free from the output process.



Output Factory Server improves the XMP Variables engine, a powerful feature that allows users to insert specific InDesign file metadata entries into the variable output file names. The update addresses a number of issues that resulted in UI malfunctions on macOS Catalina and fixes a bug that rendered the first XMP preset in the list uneditable. In a future, Zevrix plans to extend the XMP variable abilities to the app’s email notifications by letting users send alerts to email addresses stored in InDesign metadata.


“Output Factory Server is an extremely useful utility for a busy production facility or advertising agency”, writes David Creamer in Layers magazine. “It can save lots of time – which equates to money.”


This software is designed to run on a dedicated Mac station where it can serve unlimited users on a network via watched hot folders. Users can create hot folders for different output targets such as hi-res PDF, color printing, image conversion and so on.


Key features:

  • Output InDesign files automatically from hot folders
  • Supports print, PDF, PostScript, TIFF, EPUB and other formats
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Output to multiple formats from a single hot folder
  • Layer versioning
  • Variable output file names
  • Run custom scripts
  • Automatic preflighting
  • PDF security presets for different workflows
  • Send final files to FTP and other servers


Output Factory Server can be purchased from Zevrix web site for $699.95 (USD), as well as from authorized resellers. Trial is also available for download. The upgrade to version 2 is $350 for the licensed users of Output Factory Server 1.x and BatchOutput Server.

Content Creator – A Content Creation Tool for iPhone

Pearapps introduces Content Creator 1.0.2, a new content creation tool for producing, creating and sharing for iOS. Content Creator is a low effort way to create, produce and share high quality content for any need, right from your phone. Whether you want to create an invitation, a collage of a vacation, a square image for social media, text based image, or anything else – Content Creator has you covered.


Easily to Create:

  • Cool collages
  • Squared images
  • Invitations
  • Images with text
  • Smooth gradients
  • Anything


Creation with this app is intuitive, simple and accessible – allows you to rotate and scale content with gestures or buttons. Users creations can have an unlimited amount of shapes, text, and images. Sharing with Content Creator is easy and allows you to save either a still image, or a still video with length up to 45 seconds. This lets you share to platforms that accept images or video quickly.


Content Creator 1.0.2 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Graphics & Design category.

HoudahSpot 5.1 Adds Enhanced Previews

Houdah Software announces HoudahSpot 5.1, a file search tool that helps Mac users organize files and finds these if they did not. HoudahSpot combines fast and precise file search with a customizable results display and previews. This app makes it easy to find the right document, photo, or video file.



It’s already been a year since we released with HoudahSpot 5.0 a major upgrade. Today HoudahSpot 5.1 adds a handful of improvements. These are not so much features as seemingly small tweaks that delight by subtly improving the file searching experience. In the words of coach John Wooden: “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”


HoudahSpot 5.1 brings better Quick Look previews for XMP sidecar files and DEVONthink catalog items. As unimpressive as this sounds these visual previews greatly improve the file search experience.


XMP sidecars are files that sit next to image files to hold metadata like location information, keywords, and description. Precisely this rich information sometimes makes it easier to find the sidecars than the actual image files. Yet it is the images we want to see. Quick Look preview in HoudahSpot 5.1 locates the image file associated with the XMP sidecar and uses that image for a preview.


The purpose of HoudahSpot is to provide quick access to all kinds of files. It achieves this with searches that can be iteratively refined to return a manageable list of results. HoudahSpot shows search results in an interface that keeps relevant details within easy reach. Combined with previews of file content and text matches, this makes it easy to sort through search results and assess the relevance of the found files.


HoudahSpot is a productivity tool that takes center stage of many workflows. Full-text search and a multitude of precise search criteria can be used to hunt down an elusive document. Search templates provide starting points for specialized searches. E.g. a search for video files. HoudahSpot is the go-to tool for Mac users who need to find a particular document or piece of information in a “haystack” of files.


Find the files you need:

  • Word processing files that mention an “invoice” or “estimate”
  • Image files named “logo” or “icon” that are more than 512 pixels wide
  • Files created, modified, or opened within the last 7 days
  • Any file source code, invoice, letter mentioning a particular client


Feature Highlights:

  • Quick search field: start a search by typing just a few words
  • Multi-criteria file search: Find files by name, text, content kind, author, recipient, image dimensions, and more
  • Easy-to-use criteria editor: Combine search criteria to narrow down search results to the exact files you need
  • Smart location selection: Search multiple folders at once, and exclude others
  • Customizable results display: View search results as list or grid. Add columns. Sort. Arrange in groups
  • Concise file info: See properties relevant to the selected file type
  • Preview of file content: Peek inside files. See text matches in context
  • Saved searches and templates: Use as starting points for recurring searches
  • Fully customizable. Set the default search window to match your preferences and workflow


What’s New in HoudahSpot 5.1:

  • Enhanced Quick Look Preview: Quick Look Preview of an XMP sidecars item now shows the actual image file
  • Enhanced Quick Look Preview: Quick Look Preview of a DEVONthink item now shows the cataloged file
  • Use Templates from Finder: The HoudahSpot Finder toolbar item now gives direct access to HoudahSpot search templates
  • Simplified Chinese: Improved support for searches using Simplified Chinese
  • Re-save Templates: When saving a search created from a template, HoudahSpot now suggests updating the original template
  • New Keyboard Shortcuts: Set custom keyboard shortcuts to start a HoudahSpot search from Finder or bring HoudahSpot to the front
  • Improved File Tagging Control: Click a recently used tag to add it to the files’ tags
  • Text Preview in Dark Mode: Text matches are now highlighted with colors that provide better contrast in dark mode


HoudahSpot 5 is priced at $34 (USD) for a single-user license. A family license is available for $42. Upgrades are priced $19 and $29 respectively. HoudahSpot licenses purchased on or after October 1, 2018 qualify for a free upgrade. A full-featured trial version is available. Licenses can be purchased from the Houdah Software store.

INR Assist App 20% OFF During Pandemic

In order to help during the Pandemic, indie developer, James Hollender is offering 20% off his INR Assist app – for Users of Coumadin or Warfarin. This is a medical app for iOS devices. INR Assist is designed to help patients on blood thinners keep track of their Vitamin K intake, which is known to affect INR/PT results.



Users can keep track of the foods they eat, track calories, Vitamin K1, K1D, and K2 intake. It provides fast access to nutritional information for over 8,700 foods, and over 15,400 different food servings, all based on the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.


“A number of years ago my wife suffered a stroke. As part of her treatment she was referred to the MGH Anti-Coagulation Unit, that would be dealing with monitoring her blood tests for INR/PT,” says the app’s developer, James Hollender. “Although she was provided with a brochure that listed foods containing Vitamin K, I knew there had to be a more comprehensive list. I found one published by the FDA. That became the basis for my Vitamin K and iNutrients apps that have been available for a number of years. My development efforts have led to the INR Assist app.”


This app provides comprehensive information in regard to calories and Vitamin K. The nutrients are listed in alphabetical order, and utilizes the entire USDA National Nutrient Database for each nutrient. A quick search function allows comprehensive access to all needed information from the USDA database. All information is stored locally on the user’s device, so no Internet connectivity is required.


Users can save information from the Search screen. Users pick a serving size, and the number of servings. They can also create custom serving sizes, from 1 to 500 grams. As serving information is edited, the app automatically displays a graphical representation of the various nutrients via a handy color code. A “Customize” section provides a means for users to create their own Custom Color Scale for each nutrient if desired.


Users can store up to a full year’s worth of food serving intake in the app’s Personal Nutrients Data. A handy action button allows users to copy all their food servings to the current day’s list. The My Data section allows anyone to view the complete information available about any intake item by simply tapping the item.


Users can delete the current food serving, change the number of servings for the current item, change the intake date to move a food serving to another day, or copy the intake item to the current day. A user’s personal data can be safely backed up and restored via iTunes to any Mac or Windows PC.


“It recently occurred to me because many of the Vitamin K app users who were asking to be able to add additional foods, and that just wasn’t possible with the original Vitamin K app, that maybe something in between the Vitamin K and iNutrients apps would be just what was wanted,” continues James. “That’s how the INR Assist app came about.”


INR Assist also offers handy information to aid users in understanding the usage of the app, including definitions of what calories are, calorie recommendations by gender and activity levels. It also offers helpful information about nutrients, weight management, physical activity, fats, food groups, carbohydrates, Vitamin K, Coumadin, and much more.


INR Assist – for Users of Coumadin or Warfarin 1.0 is now reduced from $4.99 tp $3.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) during the Pandemic and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Medical category. Review codes are available upon request. Users must be 17 years of age or older to purchase this app.

Life Inventory 1/3 OFF During Pandemic

James Hollender announces Life Inventory 5.0 is available during the pandemic at 1/3 off to assist those who now have ample time available to gain in-depth perceptions of themselves. Built-in instructions guide users, step-by-step, in creating a Life Inventory to provide greater self-understanding of personality, strengths and weaknesses, leading to a better knowledge of themselves than they ever thought possible. The price is now reduced to $7.99 during this difficult time for everyone around the world. A Life Inventory can also function as a Moral Inventory for those in 12-step programs, which is even more important because of the current social distancing requirements.



This version update makes the code more compatible with the processors of later iPhones. Another upgrade is planned which will allow full screen use for all the current versions of the iPhone.


The Canadian Reviewer suggested Life Inventory may even become your always available digital therapist: “If your smartphone has become your personal trainer, assistant, and even financial advisor, why not turn it into your therapist as well? Life Inventory app for iOS is here to help you understand what makes you tick. This app helps you create your own Life Inventory or Moral Inventory to provide you with better understanding of your personality, strengths, and weaknesses to help you live a better life.”


The process of completing a Life Inventory does not directly address anyone’s specific problems, habits or addictions, but rather helps the user examine in detail events that have transpired in their life.


The questions asked help the user delve into areas often never considered before, like:

  • What did I want
  • Why did I want it
  • What am I not admitting
  • What lie did I tell myself
  • What did I leave out or not say
  • What lie did I tell others
  • Have I ever done the same thing
  • Was it any of my business
  • Were my expectations reasonable
  • What was the real truth
  • What was I not seeing
  • Did I fail to see the facts of the situation
  • What actions did I take to get what I wanted
  • What actions did I omit to get what I wanted


Life Inventory guides the user through six different steps:

  • Build Lists
  • Causes and Effects
  • My Part
  • Fears Analysis
  • Fear Questions
  • Sex Relations


Throughout the process, users are encouraged to enter data into their Inventory, be completely honest about themselves and take advantage of encouragement and support from others.


The Inventory begins by making one simple list, which defines four fixed Categories in which to file away what are broadly categorized as Incidents:

  • People
  • Institutions and Organizations
  • Principles, Ideals and Beliefs
  • Sources of Anxiety and Excitement


Each of the four Categories will contain hierarchical sub-categories. From there, users outline Entities and then individual Incidents related each Entity.


Step-by-step, users complete the Causes and Effects of each Incident. Next, and determine the part they played in each Incident listed. It is not unusual to create hundreds of Incident forms, each devoted to a single incident. The app includes the ability to create and save all written lists and forms with password protection. Having completed all their Incident forms, users can refer to these forms to help list all their Fears. The app includes the following eight pre-defined fears, to which the user is free to add more if desired:

  • Other people’s opinions
  • Not getting what I want
  • Not having control of the situation
  • Financial insecurity
  • Abandonment
  • Physical harm
  • Failure
  • Success


The fifth step is examining each Fear category and answering the following key questions:

  • Why did I have this fear
  • When did I first notice this fear in my life
  • How did I hold on to this fear
  • What did this fear make me do
  • What chain of circumstances did this fear set in motion in my life
  • How did I react to this fear
  • What decision did this fear cause me to make
  • How did self-reliance fail me
  • What should I have done instead


And the sixth and final step is examining Sex Relations, where users answer all the following questions regarding each of their sexual relationships:

  • How was I selfish
  • Where was I dishonest
  • Where was I inconsiderate
  • Who was hurt in this situation
  • Did I arouse jealousy, suspicion, or bitterness
  • Where was I at fault
  • What should I have done instead
  • What will I do in the future
  • Did I pray or have spiritual conversations with him/her
  • Did I pray for him/her
  • Did I enjoy his/her company
  • Did we bring each other closer to God


“The process of completing a Life Inventory doesn’t directly address anyone’s specific problems, habits or addictions, but rather helps the user examine in detail events that have transpired in their life,” stated indie developer James Hollender. “The Life Inventory app gently assists the user in probing into not only what happened, but also why it happened.”


During the pandemic, Life Inventory is reduced from $11.99 to $7.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the iTunes App Store in the Lifestyle category. Review copies are available on request.