Pixelmator Photo Update Includes iPadOS Trackpad and Mouse Support

The Pixelmator Team releases Pixelmator Photo 1.2, an update to the powerful photo editor designed exclusively for iPad. This update introduces support for editing photos using a Magic Keyboard, trackpad, or mouse, lets you work in Pixelmator Photo and any other app side by side using Split View, adds a way to match the look and style of different photos using machine learning, and includes more.



“Support for editing photos using a Magic Keyboard, trackpad, or mouse brings an all-new and more precise way to work in Pixelmator Photo,” said Tomas Andrijauskas, the lead developer of Pixelmator Photo. “And we couldn’t be more excited about giving our users even more options for getting the best out of their photos on iPad.”


Magic Keyboard, trackpad, and mouse supports adds a way to get the best out of your photos using Pixelmator Photo on iPad. All new cursor allows you to edit your photos with even more precision than ever before. And the cursor elegantly adapts its shape when you’re hovering over buttons or using certain tools, turning into a brush when using the Repair tool or displaying resizing and panning arrows when using the Crop tool. So you have just the tool you need, just when you need it.


Support for Split View lets you use Pixelmator Photo and any other app side so you can be more productive as you edit your photos. Slide Over is also supported, so you can always keep Pixelmator Photo ready, whenever you want to start editing.


This version of Pixelmator Photo also adds the Core ML-powered ML Match Colors feature, which lets you instantly match the style of one photo to another. Using a machine learning algorithm trained on 20 million professional photos, ML Match Colors analyzes the contents of both the source and target photo to identify any objects, detects their colors and lighting, and applies a range of color adjustments to the target photo. 37 individual adjustments in total, such as Brightness, Shadows, Highlights, White Balance, and Selective Color, are used for color matching to deliver stunning results.


The update adds a number of additional features and improvements. The all-new Recents color adjustments collection contains the color adjustment settings from 5 of your most recently edited photos. An Intensity slider introduces a way to adjust the intensity of color adjustments and presets. And you can now copy and paste adjustments between different photos much more easily.


Pixelmator Photo 1.2 is available from the App Store as a free update for existing users or for $4.99 (USD) for new customers. Pixelmator Photo requires iOS 11 or later and a compatible iPad.

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