Global Delight announces Boom 2 (v1.7.0) for macOS

Global Delight has announced Boom 2 v1.7.0, an important update to their flagship audio application for macOS. Boom 2 was designed to handle everything from the most basic audio settings of entertainment enthusiasts to the extreme necessities of audiophiles. With its optimal rendering of pristine audio using its signature modes and intelligent Digital Signal Processing algorithms, Boom 2 has been the best companion app of Mac users for years.

The latest version of the app has been released with a brand-new UI and features that now allow users to customize their audio to their finest needs. The updated 31-band equalizer now allows 20 dB of equalizer band gain and packs in a new set of calibrated equalizer presets for all popular genres of music. The app includes L-R balancing to adjust hearing levels of left and right channels and stereo widening for a more spacious stereo experience. Boom 2 (v1.7.0) is $11.00 (USD) for a 6 Month Pack and can be downloaded from their Website.


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