Vitalii Vashchenko releases Media Sync Tool for Final Cut

Indie developer, Vitalii Vashchenko has announced Media Sync Tool, a new syncing tool for Apple Final Cut Pro. Media Sync Tool aims to be the most essential tool for professional video editing in Final Cut Pro. Video editors can virtually eliminate manual syncing media assets. By utilizing jam-synced SPTE timecode and metadata from source media, Media Sync Tool, automates the sync process to the point where almost no human involvement is required as well as automatically dealing with overlapping timecode.

Media Sync Tool comes with an extension that embeds directly into the Final Cut Pro user interface, so video editors can sync media without ever leaving the NLE. To achieve unprecedented automation and user convenience, Media Sync Tool automatically detects the most common metadata issues and provides semi-automatic workarounds. Just a few clicks and Media Sync Tool can resolve almost any metadata issue of syncing media. This also allows syncing of even transcoded or proxy media. Media Sync Tool is offered as a subscription-with a 1-week free trial and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.


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