Unmarked Software releases TextSoap 9.0 for macOS

Unmarked Software introduces TextSoap 9.0, a huge feature update to its award winning productivity text tool for macOS. TextSoap automates manual text processing with user-created workflows, and pre-defined cleaners. This popular app lets you easily transform text using its pre-build solutions, or custom created workflows. You can easily organize cleaners with user-defined groups, with powerful interactive find/replace with regular expressions. It faetures live results matching in provided text as you build your regular expressions and regex syntax coloring help catch common errors

TextSoap version 9.0 adds support for M1 Processors, a redesigned modern look, enhancements to the user experience for editing text, as well as editing cleaners (workflows). A fresh interface combines cleaner editor, group editor and import/export into a single window experience. Category colors enhance the visualization let you see what your cleaner is doing at a glance. Users can leverage the pre-built cleaners (workflows) or add any number of text actions to build custom solutions. TextSoap 9.0 is $45 (USD) for a limited time and can be downloaded from their Website.


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